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THE SECRETS OF ‘CUM’. Some world famous CUM men and women and the operational tools for their slippery dirty work

THE SECRETS OF ‘CUM’. Some World Famous CUM men and women and the operational tools for their slippery dirty work

NMH A151/1973

CUM signifies Cover Up Man. A CUM is closely connected to the semen covered slippery VM, the Vagina Man. It is also closely connected with the ‘Secret Doctrine’ of the Holocaust Extortion Cult, engaged with fleecing the public from their hard earned money, making them into Skirt Hangers, SH, (Zechariah 8:23).

By being Semen covered slippery the CUM man tries to avoid bringing attention to that he is also an Arsonist. His Superstition makes him believe the old maid’s tale that Semen covers up fires.


A few of the World Famous CUM men

A sympathetic list of CUM men loaded with Semen for their slippery slime ball assaults:

Beatrice Ask
Fritz Bauer (secret Renegade possible assassinated)
Carl Bildt
Rajo Bohman
Jerzy Adam Brandhuber (secret Renegade)
Willy Brandt
Martin Broszat
Christopher Browning
Stephane Bruchfeld
John F Burns
David Cesarini
Piotr Cywinski
Danuta Czech (Renegade)
Barbara Just-Dahlmann
Deborah Dwork
Jan Eliasson
Richard Evans
Eskil Franck
Arnold Friedman
Charles Gray
Lennart Groll
Kjell Henriksson
Raul Hilberg (Renegade, possible assassinated)
Frank Hirschfeldt
Johan Hirschfeldt
Francois Hollande
Tora Holst
Tadeusz Iwaszko (possible Renegade)
Olaf Jensen
Torsten Jonsson
Ian Kershaw
Beate Klarsfeld
Hermann Langbein (Two Horse Rider)
Peter Launsky
Jan Levin
Agneta Isborn Lind
Anna Lindh (assassinated)
Deborah Lipstadt
Peter Longerich
Ulrich Meinerzhagen
Lars Naimell
Morton Narrowe
Svante Nordin
Peter Novick
Johan Munck
Helmut Mussener
Svante Nordin (Fahrenheiter 451, an Arsonist)
Richard Overy
Olof Palme (assassinated)
Robert Jan Van Pelt
Franciszek Piper (secret Renegade)
Jean-Claude Pressac (Renegade, possible assassinated)
Jerzy Rawicz
Laurence Rees
Gerald Reitlinger
Mark Roseman
Pawel Sawicki
Wolfgang Scheffler
Kurt Schrimm
Jan Sehn (Renegade, possible assassinated)
Lennart Selin (Fahrenheiter 451, an Arsonist)
Piotr Setkiewicz
William Shirer
Anna Skarhed
Kazimierz Smolen (secret Renegade)
Timothy Snyder
Krister Stendahl
Claus-Christian Szejnmann
Stefan Szende
Tadeusz Szymanski (secret Renegade)
Jan Urbaniak (secret Renegade)
Manuel Valls
Rudolf Vrba
Tadeusz Wasowicz
Olle Wastberg
Per Wastberg
Jorgen Weibull
Bertil Wennberg
Simon Wiesenthal
Elie Wiesel

See our further works on: Arsonist, CRAP man (Confederate Rapid Anal Party), PISS man (Promiscuous Irrational Statusquo Theologians, PM man (Pussy Man), SEMEN (Sweden Elite Masturbating Energetic Nobility), SHIT man (Saved Holocaust International Theologians), SH men (Skirt Hanger).

Here is a top secret telephone conversation between a CUM man and Ditlieb Felderer in Swedish:
Language: Swedish, MP3, Time: 21:56 Minutes

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