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Sweden opens its first modern Witch Hunt and the first Witch became Einar Aberg



First Witch in modern Swedish history became Einar Aberg of Sweden

Sweden went further than any previous Witch Hunting. This time, the mere pointing your finger at a man would throw him before a Witch Show Trial.

The Witch Hunter General was an ambitious Witch Hunter, Sweden’s Justice Minister, Herman Zetterberg. And his problem was not for being a Witch for he run the show, but being messed in with alcohol, drug abuse, and hyper sex.
EinarAberg_132 Einar Aberg became Sweden’s first Witch after World War 2. He was an ordinary man interested in animals and natural philosophy. That was enough to now be hunted like a Witch by an elite man of the High Society with great ambitions that saw in Einar Aberg a good way to become a Despot of the untouchable type.

THE WITCH HUNTER TORQUEMADA OF SWEDEN Witch Hunter General, Herman Zetterberg, was a failure from beginning to end. A spoiled child he could never tolerate an other opinion except his own. His egomania brought him to commit one Crime Against Humanity after the other. A chronic liar, intrigue maker, alcoholic, drug abuser, and sex maniac, these circumstances led him finally to commit suicide after he had successfully hunted numerous Witches to their death by his never ending ambitions. Zetterberg_893 Herman Zetterberg was involved with one scandal after the other. His Einar Aberg Affair wasn’t the only one. Most others known are the Haiby Affair and Kejny Affair. All Cloak and Dagger Sicarii affairs.

THE DARLINGS OF SWEDEN’S CORRUPT LEADERS: Intolerance in Sweden, A Government Sicarii assassin caller calls Ditlieb Felderer telling he an others will be assassinated, in Swedish:
Language: Swedish, MP3, Time: 21:56

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