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The Zionist scheme in support of huge Pension claims against Islam that failed


In the l970’s Zionism got organized to make Islam pay out huge Pension Fraud Crimes (PFC). Three main countries were used: France, Germany, and Sweden.

Included in the scheme was to make it out that Islam were killing each other where in fact it was the Jewish MOSSAD who stood behind the killing. One of such was the killing of Morocco Ahmed Bouchickhi on 21 July 1973 at Lillehammer in Norway.

Thanks to the intervention of Ahmed Rami of Sweden, this plot against Islam failed and so their pension fraud scheme against Islam got nowhere.

To cover up their failure, the Zionists then begun in organized way go to schools peddling their cover-up of the Pension Fraud Crimes.

Here they are met with disdain and mockery, and the ‘Holocaust Survivor’ got a taste of her swindle.

An assassin calls and promises Never Forget death
Language: Swedish, MP3, Time: 21:56


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