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CUM: Cover Up Man


CUM can also mean a Vagina Man: a slippery man who slips into forbidden openings to plant his contaminated tool. A Slime Ball which is the essence of a Political Man since he is trained in lying and faking. A CUM man is of course closely adjoined to the Vagina Man and Pussy Man. As CUM can signify sex fluid such men all use the ease of the slippery slope to line their own pockets and feather their own nests.

Closely related is the PM, which may mean Prime Minister, but here meaning Pussy Man. All Prime Ministers are Pussy Men, Skirt Hangers (Zechariah 8:23).

A CUM, Cover Up Man is a person used behind the scene to carry out criminal activities but doing so that the person or persons are not aware of it. Hence, he in turn may go to someone else, asking him a favor to carry out certain acts of violence.

A good example of CUM, Cover Up Men is by going to a name list of those working for the Sweden Justitiekanslern. Only a few are mentioned. The real men are those not mentioned who carry out the dirty work for the Crime Syndicate.

375 The real important person behind the Sweden Crime Syndicate, Justitiekanslern, is not Anna Skarhed but those who are not mentioned. These are used, when needed, to carry out violent and terrorist acts against the targets, such as in the case of the target Ditlieb Felderer and his Philippine wife.

The Crime Syndicate Justitiekanslern of Sweden work on the basis of the ‘end justifies the means,’ which is realpolitik exposed by Machiavelli as the real politic and not some pie in the sky notion of running the system. Its simile is in Religion where people are deceived with that God steers affairs whereas in fact it is the leading clergy clan who do the operational acts and thinking (Romans 13:1-7; Hebrews 13:7, 17).

CUM men have close relationship with the Thought Terrorists (TT). It almost seems certain that every Crime Terrorist (TT) is also a CUM man.

Good example of CUM men is how they have covered-up such Censorship cases in Sweden as those done against David Clark, Ditlieb Felderer, and Ahmed Rami. For years CUM men have elided mentioning these case of Sweden Censorship and done everything to cover them up.

As far as the Holocaust Extortion Cult with its Pension Fraud Crimes (PFC) a close connection is with the Secret Doctrine of which you find example below. Readers can go to Thought Terrorist or TT tags and one will get some CUM men in operation now or in the past.

Any Cult that wants to thrive has to have CUM men or it dies. A Cult, be that of the Sweden Justitiekanslern type Crime Syndicate, has to have its CUM men, and in fact, the whole operational meaning of the Sweden Justitiekanslern is to cover-up and hope that people will forget all about it.

Just take a look at the Holocaust Extortion Cult. There one Doctrine is resorted to in order to cover-up the next one. Again, with the intention to tire the investigator out and make him look the other way; to deflect attention on reality and instead make the whole Cult an occult Corpus which no one can understand, nor has the strength to delve into.

Preview of “1”_41

This picture below illustrates well a Vagina Man, a VG man. Slyly, behind the useless operational King, a man hides with his Penis to slip it into the Vagina of the Queen without her realizing it, it is; indeed, not a genuine Holocaust tool, but a fake one, substituting for the real McCoy.

Some famous Vaginal Men (VM) are: Ask, Bildt, Browning, Cywinski, Evans, Franck, Kershaw, Levin, Lind, Lipstadt, Longerich, Nordin, Pelt, Rees, Schrimm, Selin, Simon Wiesenthal, Skarhed

NMH A151/1973

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