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How to understand the Sweden Racism and its racist State religion of Scofieldism

How to understand the Sweden Racism, its particular Ethnic Cleansing, and its racist State religion of Scofieldism


It all begun by a drug and alcohol abuser and his problem of having Sex in public, the Justice Minister of Sweden, Herman Zetterberg

Sweden Justice Minister Herman Zetterberg was in deep problems with his sex, alcohol, and drug abuse. So he discovered the American Sedition Jews who promised to help him out.



World War 2 had finished and Sweden was in great problems with its corrupt political leaders. One of those was the Sweden Justice Minister, Herman Zetterberg. He was afflicted with sexual oversteam, Hypersexuality, along with liking for alcohol and drug abuse.

But how could he hide all this? He was constantly on top of the limelight. He had to find some way. And he did. He discovered the benefits of the religion of Scofieldism, an extreme racist religion originating with the ‘chosenness’ of the tribal God Jehovah of his people whom he promised to get a lot of land, women, gold, and fame, it they only went out for conquest and slaughter and kill all others in a Genocide and Ethnic Cleansing (Isaiah 60).

To Herman Zetterberg, this ultra-racist belief sounded useful for his personal problems and so he begun to dictate and scheme out his schemes to divert attention from his own problems. His Scapegoat became Einar Aberg.

With the war ending whole of Europe was in a fix. It was stated that Colonialism had to go. But how was one to do this? And many countries in Europe were troubled with multiple languages. Each region had their own language, such as the Lapps in Norway, Sweden, and Finland. This was a time to align oneself with friends. I help you, and you help me. Therefore Herman Zetterberg had special concern to spend some interest on Scofieldism and Zionism. Today we see the unsolvable problem of Ukraine. All these wars nations and lands have gone through makes it impossible to present a fair solution. It is a real Catch 22.

The problem of Scofieldism does not end here. For the question must be answered: “Who is a Jew?” Jews solve it by Circumcision. Anything else is futile. For you can’t prove you stem from the Twelve Tribes. There isn’t even any proof that the Twelve Tribes ever existed. All is pure Mythology. Most of the Bible bogus Israel ‘Jews’ are in fact Khazars. Their ancestors have never tread on Jerusalem land.

The ease of using the Circumcision Doctrine as argument out of dilemmas caused the Father and Dean of Exterminationism, the Holocaust Extortion Cult, Stefan Szende, to claim that Jews survived World War 2 and Hitler by donning new and fresh Foreskins onto their Penises. No such Penis has ever been found, archaeological or otherwise.

Furthermore, a whole part of Africa could call themselves Jews. In fact most of Africa. So many groups and people call themselves ‘Jew’ there is no consensus. We are back to number one. Man is loaded down with Myths and claims that he is bound to cause continued problems on himself, with the corrupt politicians always ready to help out. The whole world is in a Catch 22!

INTERESTING QUESTION ASKED HEAD WITCH HUNTER, OR ALMOST HEAD WITCH HUNTER, GUDRUN ASK. In the specific case of the Witch Hunt of Ditlieb Felderer, only some 0,000006% was considered contaminated with Witch Blasphemy, Heretical material which were promptly burned to purify the Land. The Witch Hunters Svante Nordin and Lennart Selin had stolen all sorts of things, such as family records and photos, which now also landed into the Witch contaminated material. Such wanton acts of Barbarism go under Crime Against Humanity.

Who burns the Heretical material. Svante Nordin and Lennart Selin? How is the Blasphemy burned? Who are the Fahrenheiters 451 men doing the burning and setting the fire? Where is it done? At least in the burning of Witches in Sweden before, people were allowed to come as public spectators to see the burning procedures of Witches, of their own family, child, aunt, grandmother, best friend, all go up in fire. It was all very solemnly and clean done. After completed fire, the place was cleaned, ashes taken away, and holy water poured on the ground to Remove and Hide All Traces Of the Crime, the Holy Crime. But here we know nothing.

We are still waiting for an answer from Sweden’s Justice Minister today, Beatrice Ask. At least, once upon a time the Slaves knew. In fact they could see every step: the agony, the torture, the torturous movements of the Witches as they twisted their bodies to get away from the fire. The screams, the yells, the smell, the fear, the hate for the Witches. Hardly any blood. Because people were burned. But the smell was there, the ashes right in your eyes as it blew away from the pyre. There was a time when the politicians were much more honest. Much more direct. And it made sure that Never Again would you see that Witch! All was peace. God has survived and in the State there once more reigned peace, dance, and mirth.



THE UNANSWERED QUESTION Beatrice Ask and the unanswered question of the procedure and who does the Fahrenheit Book Burning in Sweden?

Who does the Book Burning and Fahrenheit 451 in Sweden? Ever since Herman Zetterberg at the demands of USA Sedition breaking Jews introduced modern Witch Hunting and Book Burning this question is deeper than a military secret for no one knows where the bewitched material which include family records and photos, obtained under Crime Against Humanity acts is obliterated. Shouldn't the Witch Hunters Svante Nordin and Lennart Selin know? Why are they not telling us? All they need to do is to give a reply right here. Too much work? Or, do they have something to hide? The crimes behind the veil?

A Sweden Government approved Assassin calls and reveals his joint ventures for Supremacy
Language: Swedish, MP3, Time: 21:56

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