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Most corrupt Judges in Sweden

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Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression, this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers—Article 19, Universal Declaration of Human Rights, adopted 10 December 1948.

Most corrupt Judges in Sweden, Witch Hunter 1

Sweden most corrupt Judges

Hans Danelius heads, as one of the most corrupt Judges in Sweden and holds the additional performance of Slime Balls to be both Judge and Accuser at the same time. Thus, he wrangles amongst the foremost of Thought Terrorists (TT) in Sweden. His real track record in the Mafia elite of TT is that it is totally kept secret by the Sweden corrupt Media which never disclose the realities of the buddies they embrace for their sustenance and survival. Here now for some real facts on pseudo-judge, Hans Danelius, a close friend of Johan Munck and the darling of Sweden Advokatsamfundet.


1. Involved with the Swedish Foreign Office which stood much behind the Terrorist attacks against Ditlieb Felderer and his Philippine wife.
2. Had Witch Ditlieb Felderer put into Concentration Camp to be abused and systematic tortured, and denied every recourse to civilized law.
3. Had Witch Ditlieb Felderer forcibly brought before various Show Trials reminiscent of Lynch Trials where a variety of con pseudo-judges appeared.
4. Had Ditlieb Felderer forcibly brought to a Mental Institution because he wanted to defend himself. This gave the Mafia court to assign their own patsy lawyer. The Chief Doctor in the Ditlieb Felderer Mental Hospital Affair was Chief Medic, Lars Naimell, who was later discovered to be suffering under Persecution Mania, a drug abuser, and accused raper of female patients. A number of women are supposed to have committed Suicide due to his ‘treatments’. Involved in the affair and Kidnapping were two Government Parasite police men, Svante Nordin, and Lennart Selin.
5. As a Government Parasite with his own police, he had his own police invade Witch Ditlieb Felderer’s home to steal his art and history work, along with family records and photos, thus, guilty of committing a Crime Against Humanity. The home was then used by his corrupt Police to eat up the food, and use it for sex parties.
6. When Witch Ditlieb Felderer took up his Witch Trial to Strasbourg to denounce the Witch-hunt, Hans Danelius, the accuser of Witches and of Witch Ditlieb Felderer, popped up as a Judge, thus serving both as an accuser and judge at the same time.
7. Has close connection with the Sweden Mafia outlet, Advokatsamfundet. Thus when anyone brings up a case against Sweden lawyers, all put in there by the Crime Syndicate, such a person will be branded a Witch and burned at the stake, symbolic or otherwise. Within this Mob clan also swims the honorable Witchhunter General, Johan Munck.
8. Hoping, or thinking, that Ditlieb Felderer was now dead, he and Witch-hunter General, Johan Munck, reversed their former Witch status ideology, and now stated that Ake Gren, a religious Scofieldite, and hence a buddy of the Cosa Nostra Crime Syndicate, that the trial against him was illegal. The Pentecostal Ake Gren now was freed from charges and became a hero amongst the Scofieldite religion and the Sweden State supported Media.


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