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The Yad Vashem Sex Quenelle and the case of the Sweden pseudo-professor Helmut Mussener

The case of the Yad Vashem Sex Quenelle and the Sweden pseudo-professor Helmut Mussener

The Sweden pseudo-professor Helmut Mussener and his lady

Why Sweden forces Theodicy on its willing slaves

Observe her long finger doing the Sex Yad Vashem Quenelle

Dieudonne of France and the Yad Vashem Sex Quenelle

The Hebrew word YAD means Hand, or the act of hinting to, or, actual Masturbation. The word YAD is part of Yad Vashem Zionist propaganda center in Bible bogus Israel in Jerusalem.

Observe her long pointed fingers where she is doing the Yad Quenelle, also called the Yad Vashem Quenelle.

The Finger is described in the Bible as an instrument for Lust. The Tribal God Jehovah commanded Jews to be Lustful and become many so that his Chosen People can lustfully use their finger instrument for own pleasure, using the Goyim as sex tools (Genesis 1:28; Genesis 9:1, 7; Leviticus 16:9; Jeremiah 23:3).

The hand and fingers were used in making Sex idols and dildos (Isaiah 2:8). David used his Hand and Finger to cut off the Foreskins of his enemies or complete Penises and Apostle Paul of the Christians did the same, evidently selling them as Dildos to enhance Sex pleasures.

The hand and finger are used by corrupt Goverments as in Sweden to indulge in entering into private homes for spying and terror acts, keeping the people under iron rod and submission (Romans 13:1-7).

THE NEVER FORGET YAD VASHEM MOTION: Her pointed fingers signify ‘I am ready of being masturbated’, or ‘I am ripe for masturbation’, or, Gang Raping (Numbers 31:35), and; has reference to the masturbation acts by Jehovah God, the Jewish Tribal God as found in Isaiah 56 and 57, especially 56:4 and verse 5. It is from verse 5 (56:5), where the word Yad Vashem is taken. It means Jehovah’s Chosen People keep masturbating their Goyim Slaves, described as Eunuchs, in a perpetuum mobile Jehovistic assault act, a motion that never ends, and which they will Never Forget.

The Goyim slaves, kidnapped by the Jews are physical and mental Eunuchs, described to be in an imaginary state of bliss and fortune, being masturbated 24 hours a day, in order that the Gentiles do not find out they are being ripped off by the tribal Jehovah Jews. It is the perfect Jewish Chutzpah that here comes to the fore and which the Bible is filled with. The perfect score for the Pension Fraud Crimes (PFC)!

THE FINGER YAD IN MOTION: Such femme fatale were used by the Inquisitors to frame and help in hunting out blasphemy and heretical utterances from the peasant slaves. Their fingers (the pointed Yad) went into every crevices and by finger manipulation extracting every heretical hidden word of the enslaved peasants. They so much loved reaching the climax that they let their overlords and masters manipulate them as they wished.

The femme fatale finger pointed Yad Vashem sex symbol and her desiring, lusting, haunting sex orgy looking eyes, unmistaken, throws away the veil of her sexual lustful intentions, to get man into her voluptuary thighs to squeeze you tight in a Masochistic orgy.

anne frank and masturbation_W87

originalsin_587 Lust according to Augustine was a must to fulfill the will of Jehovah, the Mighty and Erect Penis In the Sky.

The Jewish Sex God Jehovah commanded Sex To Full Max and commanded Six Million Lusts to fulfill his desires, evidently enjoying the Voyeurism.—Genesis 1:28

Along the opulent University corridors many professors skilled in Fingering, Yad-ing, Foreplay, and the Handjob to fulfill professional Yad climax, perversely perform Yad-ing, the Yad Vashem Sex Quenelle, and especially favor damsels with long fingers to complete their orgasms. Fingering_698


A Sicarii assassin and a Thought Terrorist calls Ditlieb Felderer stating he and others will get killed. The bureaucrat Swede is so dumb he generally believes the caller, the Sicarii assassin, is Ditlieb Felderer. That’s how far, what has been described as The New Totalitarianism, has gone:
Language: Swedish, MP3, Time: 21:56

WHY RELIGIOUS PERSECUTION IS A NORMAL ACT IN SWEDEN: A Swede is generally totally ignorant of Religions. He has no religious history schooling and is totally confused when approached on religion. The Scofieldite indoctrination by the State scam boys has brought havoc to a whole nation ready to be fleeced by whoever wants to.


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