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Die Neugeborene Kirche





Zetterberg_893 THE MAN WHO BROUGHT IN THOUGHT TERRORISM (TT) TO SWEDEN. HERMAN ZETTERBERG AND HIS TRAIL OF BRINGING VIOLENCE, PERSECUTION, CENSORSHIP, AND TERRORISM TO SWEDEN: Herman Zetterberg, like his wife, Ulrika Lyttkens, had great problems with drugs and alcohol. How many people was this fanatic bureaucrat responsible in killing? Picture shows a cosmetic corrected, perfumed, and brushed up Justice Minister, Grand Inquisitor of Sweden Herman Zetterberg

To cover up his personal likings, weaknesses, corruption, and love for Censorship, Herman Zetterberg begun to slyly introduce Censorship laws, brought in by American Sedition breaking Jews. By this, he became a veritable Dictator in Sweden. Ruthlessly, and always under the cover of the helping Samaritan, he managed to forbid all religions unless accepted by his Orwellian Dictatorship.

Although dead now, his despotic rule and ruthless actions has made it that Sweden today still has no anti-Scofield church, except for the one above, Die Neugeborene Kirche; which, is under steady attack by the persecutors.

Hence, Sweden has no religious freedom, just as they have no Free Speech. Everything from top to bottom is viciously controlled to conform to the corrupt ruling regime.

This has resulted in that the Roman Catholic Church in Sweden was severely Censored. Ditlieb Felderer, an early refugee from Italy, remembers how he was ill-treated because fanatics thought he may be a Roman Catholic or a ‘Jew’. Often the Scofieldites will fan the fire of violence by means of the media, resulting in violence and acts of Terrorism.

Thus the statement of Thomas More below became true in Sweden. By laws they bring in Censorship to legitimate their despotism and clean up all traces of their crimes to silence mankind under a mass of paper rules.

Both Herman Zetterberg and his wife Ulrika Lyttkens, along with others finally committed Suicide. They no longer could put up with their own Censorship and persecution of innocent people.

Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression, this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers—Article 19, Universal Declaration of Human Rights, adopted 10 December 1948.

Sweden’s violence of Article 19 of Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the case of Grand Inquisitor of Sweden, Herman Zetterberg:
Language: English, MP3, Time: 8:51 Minutes

Audible example on the bringing of assassination acts and acts of terrorism to Sweden in Swedish
Language: Swedish, MP3, Time: 21:56

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