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Yad Vashem exposes itself as a despotic Jehovah God Sex Cult




The Erotic imbued word Yad Vashem has to do with the Jewish Tribal God Jehovah, the Mighty and Erect Penis in the sky

The word Yad Vashem is taken from the Bible and Isaiah 56:5 which previous verse tells about Eunuchs, which in fact is euphemism for ‘slaves,’ and how happy they should be in thinking that they are not only slaves but also that they have been Castrated by the Jews for that purpose.

Here is a text to take up by Abortionists for clearly here is mentioned of that these Castrated slaves will be unable to get children, and be even more happy than those that can, for Jehovah, the Mighty and Erect Penis in the Sky will inscribe their names on stones to all eternity. The bull is evident here because there is not one stone in existence giving even one name of these Castrated slaves.

All this shows how the Jews had a hard time to pull this scheme over for Gentiles to yearn to belong to the team. Almost sounds like the mad desire to be part of the Bernard Madoff money scam.

The next chapter 57 after the Yad Vashem text in Isaiah 56:5, deals about Eroticism to the limit. The male Penis is mentioned in 57:8, and most of the Chapter is about Prostitution and Sex, which seemingly the Tribal God Jehovah is in constant fight with. But shouldn’t this God have Castrated his own people before he wields his knife against Goyim? Thus he be in grief no longer?

Going back to the Yad Vashem text in Isaiah 56:5 this Mighty Jehovah Penis God will not cut off (yikaret) his name from the Eunuch slaves. This he has the audacity to say after he has cut by Castration away his sexual parts to make him obedient slave of the Chosen People.

How these text can be made to make Goyim, the Gentiles pleased and happy, can only be explained by that: ‘No one is as happy as the happy slave’. It is an insult to every civilized person. Evidently Barbarism is the rule of the whole of the Holocaust Extortion Cult.

Language: English, MP3, Time: 25:29 Minutes

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