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Sweden’s corrupt politicians and their use of scatterbrained professors for use in Crime Against Humanity and Witch Hunts


The pseudo-professor, possibly suffering of self-inflicted Alzhemier was used in the service of Inquisitor Agneta Isborn Lind’s kidnapping to declare the word Holocaust does not mean the Penis moving up into an erection to do the job it was meant to do, but in fact means the Hebrew Zionist Wailing Wall interpretation of that Jehovah God has a right to demand Genocide of all, especially to those criticizing Zionism. Apparently the con professor did not know Holocaust is Greek, not Hebrew.

It was later discovered that the scatterbrained pseudo-professor Helmut Mussener had gotten his information from any gasoline station selling toilet paper, condoms, and toilet paper.

Make note of his eminent lady and all the rings on her fingers. Vow! That signifies she is Kosher and has entered the opulent domains of the Thought Terrorists (TT) ever so ready to fight the Witches and ever so ready to fabricate ‘brooms’ for the Cosa Nostra Crime Syndicate.

THE AGGRESSOR, HER BROOMS, AND PROMOTER OF CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY And here is another eminent lady of the opulent Royalty, the con woman and Grand Inquisitor herself: Agneta Isborn Lind. She became the first person in World History enforcing jail of a Witch because she said her interpretation of the word ‘holocaust’ was a better one, and did so with the assistance of the notorious corrupt Jewish pseudo-judge, Jan Levin. He was so corrupt that he even dismissed himself after considering the facts against him, thus being the first person in Sweden’s history, where a State judge admitted that he was a crook and a Thug!


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