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What is an Arsonist?

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Arsonist is employed by the TT Crime Syndicate to carry out specific types of burnings, in general, books and persons. They belong in the Fahrenheit 451 team and act in a team of Assault Agents frequently using Kidnapping as a means of Terrorism and Violence. And even assassinations.

The TT Arsonist will help in kidnapping and then force their kidnapped innocent Witch victims into Concentration Camps or Mental Institutions depending on the Command Agent, the Cosa Nostra Elders of the Crime Syndicate. Thus the Swede, Einar Aberg, was forcibly brought to Ulleraker Mental Institution by the Cosa Nostra God Father, Sweden’s Justice Minister, at the time; the drug and alcohol abusing Herman Zetterberg, who later committed suicide which was kept secret by Sweden in order not to tarnish the name of its good Head Inquisitors.

It is reported that all those higher ups manipulating the Einar Aberg forcible Mental Hospital operations were drug abusers and alcoholics.

Sweden Justice Minister, Herman Zetterberg, the famous Sweden Witch Hunter Inquisitor had problems with his wife, Alice Lyttkens, who also was an alcohol and drug abuser, frequently attempting suicides if she did not get her way through. She finally managed to do it, resulting that out of shame, the Sweden Head Witch Hunter Inquisitor and Cosa Nostra Father, Herman Zetterberg, then went underground not to be seen for a time.

The use of Mental Institutions brought in by TT Cosa Nostra Father, Herman Zetterberg, encouraged to do so by Seditionists Jews coming from USA, is very much liked in Sweden. Thus, latly, Ditlieb Felderer, was brought before Chief doctor for Psychiatry of Law (Rattspsykiatri), Lars Naimell. The TT Cosa Nostra Fathers, chose Naimell for his brave Witch Hunt abilities and ‘weakling’ nature, and chronic ‘persecution mania,’ forfoljesemani, by what to him was Witches. He was discovered to be a drug abuser, along with molesting women. Some of the targeted women were even had to have died. When it finally went too far that even high society elite women could not bear it any longer; although hungry for it, Naimell was dismissed. For a long time he had suffered under Persecution Mania, accusing his own workers were out to get him. Here evidently the Witch Hunter, Doctor Lars Naimell, got a taste of his own medicine.

Such extreme activities should not surprise anyone. One of the brothers of Ditlieb Felderer died in Sweden due to an alcohol abusing doctor who insisted that the child did not have appendicitis. He died from appendicitis when the mother could not take any more of the doctor’s ‘medical advice’ and put the child in a taxi and drove for hours to the main hospital which was then located in Gothenborg. He died on his way.

The Modus Operandi of the Witch Hunt is to conceal and work in secrecy. And have a ‘Clean Up And Sweep Team’ ready, covering up all traces of their crimes. Thus, in Sweden, the Assault Team of Witch Hunting Arsonists will attack the innocent in civil clothes and without their brooms, so that the surrounding area will be unaware of the Kidnapping or the killing operation, as commanded by the Cosa Nostra Fathers.

Some of the most famous Witch Hunter Arsonists in post-World War 2 have been the world famous Swedish Arsonists Kjell Henriksson, Svante Nordin, and Lennart Selin, who Fahrenheited 451 thousands of ‘Heretical Material’, also called ‘Blasphemy Items’. They operated their Witch Hunting assaults under notorious Sweden Inquisitors, Agneta Isborn Lind and Torsten Jonsson. Torsten Jonsson is known for helping out his drug problem friends. Both received foremost Inquisitors positions after their successful kidnapping and Book Burnings.

If their operational Witch target was not killed, they will then drag their kidnapped Witch victims before a number of Witch Show Trials where their own Cosa Nostra team of pseudo-judges will appear pretending to the public they are impartial. The Witch has now entered the Imperial Court against Witches.

Often they keep their Witch Trials at hours when people are not expected to be there. Thus in the case of the successful Fahrenheit 451 operation by the Arsonists against Ditlieb Felderer, the pesudo-judge, corrupt TT Jan Levin, saw to it that the media was kept out. His manipulations were so successful that not one Swedish TT media reported about it, although the Sweden corrupt politicians will brag to the rest of the world that their most cherished rule and law is Free Speech!

The Arsonists can always depend on such State payed and State run media as Dagens Nyheter, Expressen, and other and other Witch Hunting media rags, which are used both in creating hate and character assassinations against the Witch targets and contempt (missaktning, Brottsbalk 16:8) of their Witches. This will be applauded by all the Cosa Nostra Fathers as an expression of how much ‘Free Speech’ there is in Sweden.

A famous center for Arsonist activities has been in Taby in Sweden where its Police center has operated as a constant cesspool for Crimes Against Humanity and violations of Article 19 of the United Nations, Articles 10 and 11 of the Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms. Famous Witch Hunting Arsonist Commandants have been Hans Danelius who served both as Judge and Accuser of Witches, along with Johan Munck, of the Swedish Supreme Court, and pseudo-judge Johan Hirschfeldt, a clandestine Operator of the Stockholm Synagogue who were behind most of the TT arson attacks, standing there as judges as in a football match between enemies they themselves had created.

After each successful Witch kidnap and Book Burning operation, the Arsonists will go home and inform their close ones of how good they felt fighting Witches, and in burning up books and family material, of which their children are very proud of, hoping to likewise enter into the Arsonist assault gang when grown up ready to fight dangerous Witches.

Each Fahrenheit 451 Witch operation will land promotion with higher pay and pension to the Arsonists and often obtain prominent elite position within the Crime Syndicate, as happened to Inquisitors Agneta Isborn Lind and Torsten Jonsson. Torsten Jonsson’s daughter, Anna Ekstrom, in fact became head of the criminal outfit Skoloverstyrelsen which is used by the Cosa Nostra Fathers to help in carrying out Terrorist acts. His son, Hakan Jonsson, got a post in EU.

To cover-up its acts of Terror, the core of the arson fires will often change name. Thus after successful Terrorist attacks by the Arsonists, Skoloverstyrelsen’s name was altered to confuse the public and was then given the fancy high-elite name ‘Skolverket’ (Statens Skolverk).

FAMOUS WITCH HUNTER ARSONISTS: Kjell Henriksson, Svante Nordin, Lennart Selin. When asked about their criminal activities the Arsonists replied ‘they were just following orders!’ or that they were ‘springpojkar’, errand boys.

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The Chief, Head Psychiatrist Doctor, Lars Naimell, mentioned below, then turned out to be yet another hooligan thug. For the ‘doctor’ the Crime Syndicate had chosen to terrorize Ditlieb Felderer with, was then discovered being accused for messing around with his female patients and drug abuse. He, Lars Naimell, was in turn accused for suffering under ‘Persecution Mania’ by his own workers!

The hooligan pseudo-Professor, Helmut Mussener was set in by the Crime Syndicate to prove that the word HOLOCAUST does not mean the Penis moving up into an erection to do the job it was meant to do, but meant the Wailing Wall interpretation about the Jews having an obligation before Jehovah God to Genocide all to make their blood thirsty God Jehovah happy. It was then found out that Helmut Mussener’s dictionary ‘discovery’ could be found in any Swedish gasoline outlet selling condoms, toilet paper, and porno magazines.

SECRET DOCUMENT SENT TO ACCUSED WOMAN ABUSER AND DRUG ABUSER, LARS NAIMELL. Below is the secret command from Crime Center Sodra Roslags Tingsratt TT Chief, the Jewish Jan Levin, to incarcerate Ditlieb Felderer into a secret Mental Institution for no other reason than a flimsy cartoon.

IMPERIAL COURT AGAINST WITCHES Below is a picture of the Witch Hunt Center of Sodra Roslags Tingsratt where victims are dragged into pseudo-courts lead by such pseudo-judges and charlatans as Jan Levin. He will then manipulate the trials for successful conviction. His job is also to conceal the Thought Terrorist (TT) operations before the media, which is relatively easy, as the Swedish media loves their Censorship and so all Jan Levin has to do is to put the Witch Show Trials at the right hour when no one will be there, only the Witch and the accusers and the various agents of Inquisitors.

FORCED TO WITCH SHOW TRIAL AT SODRA ROSLAGS TINGSRATT IN STOCKHOLM SWEDEN. Sodra Roslags Tingsratt is known as one of the world’s most corrupt Courts, which ought to say something. Here all sorts of pseudo-judges work scheming out their Vendetta against enlightening of the Crime Syndicate that ensnares the unsuspecting citizens.
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THE ANCIENT ART OF WITCH HUNTING: Thought Terrorists (TT) always use the law as their own play tool and incarcerate their innocent Witch targets at will. Here is an interesting example in Swedish how the Thought Terrorists argue to justify their Crime Against Humanity and other crimes against citizens and Witches by the use of their criminal elements which they have employed. Click the pdf IMG_0014 below and the chocking secret document will appear. Please download this, make photocopy of it, and spread it to others so that they are aware of the Modus Operandi of Witch Hunting of the Crime Syndicates and their Inquisitors:


The above is yet another clear proof of that Sweden’s corrupt politicians are engaged with Crime Against Humanity.

The actual aim of Thought Terrorism and Thought Terrorists is assassination, using old Zionist examples of ‘eye for an eye.’ The very fact of the smallest cartoon is seen as an attempt to usurp their Authority and Majesty. Below you will see how an TT Assassin is calling Ditlieb Felderer, telling him he and others will be assassinated. The Audio is in Swedish:
Language: Swedish, MP3, Time: 21:56 Minutes

Language: English and Swedish, MP3, Time: 4:11 Minutes

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