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United Nations Deputy Secretary-General Jan Eliasson pulls out one of history’s biggest political hoax ever

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It is when we start asking questions that we start to learn. It is when we begin to doubt, that wisdom arrives. But scam boy TT Jan Eliasson of United Nations don’t want you to learn and he isn’t there for that reason.

Thought Terrorist (TT) Jan Eliasson is there for specific reason. To make you a sucker, to con you, so that he and his boys rolling in golden riches can live a fat life on your ignorance while he tosses those who question into his Concentration Camps in Sweden, to be abused and tortured.

November 1, 2005, UN vote Holocaust Remembrance Day

On Nobember 1, 2005, the then President of United Nations, Torturer and TT big-shot Oligarch, Jan Eliasson, pulls out of his magical hat what well may be history’s biggest organized con ever.

Surprisingly to many members on that day, TT Oligarch, Jan Eliasson, a notorious racketeer, who secretly was putting artists inside Concentration Camps for the slightest sign of victim having doubts, and questions – TT Jan Eliasson pulls out a rabbit from his magical hat, declaring the Holocaust Extortion Cult more sacred than a herd of Holy Cows. While at the same time condemning others for Denying Free Speech, as he is an enforcer of the Deny Free Speech Doctrine.

But how did this notorious Limited Censorship con man and hater of Free Speech manage to do it?

Well, let’s us start by going back and via the Internet find some data how this swindle went over. The following can be found on the Internet as of March 11, 2014:

1 November 2005 – In a resolution co-sponsored by 104 Member States, the General Assembly today designated 27 January as Holocaust Remembrance Day, drawing immediate praise from Secretary-General Kofi Annan, who said the United Nations would do its part to keep the memory alive in a bid to prevent future acts of genocide.

There was no vote on the resolution. Instead, General Assembly President Jan Eliasson banged the gavel signifying consensus after asking whether there were any objections and hearing none.

“The Holocaust also reminds us of the crimes of genocide committed since World War II,” Assembly President Jan Eliasson said after the resolution was adopted without a vote. “It must, therefore, be a unifying historic warning around which we must rally, not only to recall the grievous crimes committed in human history but also to reaffirm our unfaltering resolve to prevent the recurrence of such crimes.

Today we observe for the first
time the International Day of
Commemoration in memory of the victim
s of the Holocaust. This event will
take place every year on 27 January.
This follows the adoption without a
vote of General Assembly resolution
60/7 on “Holocaust remembrance”,
1 November 2005.

Here we see that the Christian Dispensational Methodist Secretary-General of UN, Kofi Annan, was actively involved in the Zionist racketeering. What was not known to most of those present when the bogus ‘vote’, was taken, was; that the Dispensationalist Zionist Mole, Kofi Annan, and the self-made Swedish ‘Jew,’ Jan Eliasson, had constant contacts, enabled by their female cortege, all connected with the Zionist Fronts in Sweden and elsewhere.

Both Dispensationalist trained magicians were involved with the Zionist promoting outfits surrounding their Martyr and Speculator, Raoul Wallenberg, who was assassinated by Jews when Wallenberg demanded that loaned money should be payed back to him. Raoul Wallenberg had lost money in the Kruger affair and feared his loans were next to go. Raoul Wallenberg’s real job as a diplomat was as a Speculator for the Wallenberg financial empire.

Prudence should ask how can a man working for an institution claiming to be ‘international,’ a group consisting of a variety of nations with a variety of history and languages – that these people be suddenly demanded by an obvious charlatan and con man, the TT Jan Eliasson, who now demanded the world should be forced to adhere to his Lordship, Jan Eliason’s definition of word and history because he as a Zionist Jew must be granted that privilege? Let’s call it: ‘An Act of God!. A Censorship enforcing despot, deciding on the whole process of history, requiring all members to adhere to his despotism?

How can all these nations be demanded to focus all their resources, interest, money, education, and attention, on only one nation, that was born by conquest and itself accused of Genocide and Ethnic Cleansing, as Israel is? Countless of times being guilty of War Crimes and atrocities and has been involved with exporting its violence via MOSSAD Sicarii agents to foreign lands?

297 Thought Terrorist Jan Eliasson had his own brand of history and political ‘truth’s. He now demanded that the rest of the world must adhere to his Dogma and Creed without respect of other people’s views.

Why should all these Nations be forced to monopolize their history around that of Israel interpreted by the political opportunist fat cat, TT Jan Eliasson, and his Scofieldite cohorts? Why should all these nations be required to follow the meaning of ‘Holocaust’ when none of its acclaimed self made ‘historians’ dare examine their own Doctrines in open debate? Or, as in the case of Germany, where even ‘doubt’ will give you 5 years jail, as has happened, thereby branding the country as a repressive nation.

And now that we know that at Auschwitz Recreation Sport And Relief Camp there was an Olympic Swimming Pool for the Reliefers. That its largest building was its huge Kitchen. That they had several orchestras there playing the Auschwitz Waltz, including Jazz. That dancing was performed. That the alleged ‘extermination camp’ had a Brothel. A Cinema. A maternity ward where children were born. A Theater, A Laundry. A Mail Office. A huge Library. A canteen where even alcohol and condoms could be gotten. Several football teams. Numerous sport performed. A special photography school. Schools to learn a trade. Etc., etc. That the Directors Stalin chose such as Czech, Brandhuber, Smolen, Szymanski, Wasowicz, and others were all former Nazi Collaborators? All had been just by the alleged ‘Stalin gas chamber’. That those main ‘witnesses’ used at the Auschwitz Frankfurt Show Trials were all former Nazi Collaborators, such as Hermann Langbein, Ella Lingens, Filip Muller, etc.? Even the judge at that trial was a former Nazi. How does all this fit in with the horror stories that Stalin dished out with the help of the Zionists to hide his War Crimes and Katyn Massacres?

These are questions which are now beginning to be asked. And with it will be asked: How did TT scam boy, the now Deputy Secretary-General of United Nations, Mr TT Jan Eliasson, pull this scam over to the rest of the world? And that, while he was engaged with torturing dissenters in his own country?

Evidently there are a lot of questions alleged ‘Jew’ Jan Eliasson will be asked and he may find all the questions so hot, he wished he never had pulled his hoax over to enslave the rest of mankind.



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