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On the trail of of a Zionist mole Jan Eliasson and his clandestine operations to fool a world

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In 1994 Ditlieb Felderer is once more illegally forced into Concentration Camps by Sweden’s corrupt drug and alcohol loaded politicians while Eliasson play acted as Swedish State Secretary for Foreign Affairs. Even now, this incredible slob was unable to move his derriere and start activating himself on ‘affairs’ of need, such as the violations of France in letting its military enter homes and steal all their belongings to be put on military trucks and bring the loot to their private homes in France. The two Jewish Generals who did this to the Ditlieb Felderer family home at Innsbruck in Austria are claimed to have done this to others also.
Zionist Eliasson_B34 Zionist Mole Jan Eliasson in one of his con missions As soon as the Ditlieb Felderer family came to Sweden, the mother reported to the Sweden Foreign Office about the violations by France of the Geneva Conventions and the plunder of the family belongings by two Jewish French Generals. Sweden Foreign Office promised to carry the matter through. Instead they did everything to cover it up!

From 2000 to 2005 Jan Eliasson now miraculously gets the crooked Count Wilhelm Wachtmeister job and, without credentials, turns up as the Sweden’s Ambassador to Washington. Of course dutifully following the steps of Wachtmeister. While there, he does everything to promote the war against Iraq, sell weapons, and comply with Bush Junior and his incredible ‘discovery’ in the finding of Weapons Of Mass Destruction (WMD) in Iraq.

Circling around in the corridors with his latest tuxedo suits and Kosher smiles and handshakes, Eliasson is now developed into a President of the United Nations General Assembly for its sixtieth session which supposedly was done by an ‘unanimous’ election on 13 June 2005. Knowing about all the rigged events surrounding this TT man, Jan Eliasson, one of course starts to question this ‘unanimous’ decision also, along with the question of a ‘Convenience Peddling,’ seeing Kofi Annan was the Secretary General with personal Swedish connections, who interestingly enough disappears from the UN scene after 31 December 2006, being replaced by Ban Ki-moon.

Kofi Annan was married to Nane Annan from Sweden who never had lifted one finger against Sweden’s use of Concentration Camps for cartoonists, musicians, writers, and artists of all kinds. In fact, she has by her very silence supported various Censorship crimes done by Sweden’s corrupt politicians against dissenters. Nane Annan is a lawyer and an artist and therefore should well know the attacks by Sweden of cartoons critical of Zionism.

At UN, TT Jan Eliasson served as President of the United Nations from 13 September 2005 to 11 September 2006. And it was under his Presidency that one of the greatest cons in political and religious history was made. By using deception he introduced special preference of the Jewish Zionist religion, and the Denial Criticize Israel Doctrine (DCID), as then you are an ‘Antisemite’. The alleged Jew, TT Jan Eliasson thus achieved to pass one of the greatest rackets the world has ever seen, while giving carte blanche to the Pension Fraud Crimes (PFC) of which the Holocaust Extortion Cult and the Six Million Dead Jews Doctrine play central parts in the con.

The originator of the Holocaust Extortion Cult con in order to extort money from nations was the Hungarian Jew Stefan Szende who lived in Sweden. He was the first to recognize the fact that to kill millions required great technical skill. And so he invented his Belzec and Five million killed Jews via some type of a Swimming Pool tank. He was also the originator of several foremost Doctrines of the HEC Cult.

This ‘unanimous’ election now gave carte blanche to Jan Eliasson to act as he wished, or rather, act as others ordered him to act. He was now granted full discretionary power, and he saw to it to play his cards well to those who enabled his dictatorship. One of these acts to reach that level of hierarchical authority was what i Latin law was called ‘Influence Peddling’. Those watching TT Jan Eliasson of course saw in him a man who was ruthlessly out for power, who craved to be in the limelight, and who was easily manipulable by those whom he served.

In order to promote his image in the world while holding a strong grip on Censorship, the Simon Wiesenthal Mafia outlet elevates the bigot and ignorant TT, Jan Eliasson, to a ‘Doctor’, and he appears so in an open letter sent to Eliasson by the Crime Syndicate Simon Wiesenthal Center. This group had also helped in the various Terrorist acts against Ditlieb Felderer and his Philippine wife. The international Simon Wiesenthal Crime Syndicate even managed to fool UNESCO in making it out that at their meeting in Barcelona, Spain, the meeting was against Ditlieb Felderer. Later, when contacts were achieved, UNESCO, begged for excuse for having been so gravely fooled by the Simon Wiesenthal gang.

Reported are a variety deceptive moves that were made of which TT Jan Eliasson knew beforehand. In these moves much involved the MOSSAD run Simon Wiesenthal gangster outfit. MOSSAD agent and former Jewish Sonderkommando and Nazi Collaborator, Simon Wiesenthal, died 20 September 2005, in other words just some days after TT Jan Eliasson was elected President of United Nations. This resulted in now that endless of Wailing Wall Lamentations were dished out by the Zionist movement with constant reminders of their Holocaust Extortion Cult; of course without using that term. They demanded that special privileges and preferences should be given to this fanatical Cult of misfits and bored money crazed lunatics in style with Bernard Madoff. If not, they warned, these self-produced ‘crimes’ out of thin air would be done anew.

The Auschwitz For War Doctrine now begins to take shape. The Dean and Father of the Holocaust Extortion Cult, Stefan Szende, had died in 1985, while his cohort and disciple, TT Jan Eliasson, did his play acting obediently carrying the pisspots for, by the now failed marriage of Olof Palme, who in turn was reported of bashing it out with a Jewish female interest he had discovered. The HEC Cult, originating with the Hungarian Jew, Stefan Szende, was now beginning to take real shape as the War Industry with NATO begun to enter it and used the new war Doctrine of Auschwitz For War which was replacing the Domino Doctrine.

The gist of the War Machine argument, all preparing for the war against Iraq, was, that in order that such ‘holocausts’ as that done against the Jews at Auschwitz be prevented, countries must be bombarded beforehand to prevent it to happen. They argued that because Auschwitz was not bombed, Six Million Jews, died. And that all, mostly in a building outside the Auschwitz camp, now called The Holy Shrine. General Eisenhower had warned against such Missions, but there was nothing to stop the craze for submission and world power. After all, the politicians no longer run anything except for their running for lucrative jobs and ponzi schemes. They were but figure heads in the claws of the real rulers hiding behind.

And irony it is. Without realizing it, Russia now got trapped into the Auschwitz For War Doctrine, resulting in that today this Doctrine is now turned against Russia, something which the originator Stalin of Auschwitz Vomitorium hardly could have dreamed of.

1. Who were those women secretly being used to get the political ponzi Zionist scheme through, in the contacts between Secretary General of United Nations, Kofi Annan and Jan Eliasson?
2. Why was it so important for Zionism to stop discussing their Cult of Exterminationism?
3. Why did the Zionist Cultists not use a Hebrew term for their Cult? Why use a Greek term which originates in Fertility Cults?
4. Why, if their HEC Cult was so important, did they not go after their own Jewish Sonderkommando which stood behind the killing at Auschwitz and elsewhere?
5. Why did no one bring up about the huge pension frauds (PFC) which the Jews got through resulting in their ideological name of Holocaust Extortion Cult?
6. Why were the Jews so keen about getting people jailed for doubting their monopolistic rights in examining history?

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LOCK 5, Audio

One of the most remarkable scams CUM and TT man Jan Eliasson managed at United Nations was his denial of the world to discuss the amazing Auschwitz Swimming Pool which would of course have brought an end to all further Holocaust Extortion Cult discussion, bringing the money racket of the Exterminationism Cult  with its Pension Fraud Crimes, PFC, to a complete halt.

To get the con Holocaust Extortion Cult through use is made of former Nazi Collaborators, such as Ella Lingens who volunteered to go to Auschwitz. She is now made into a ‘victim’ instead of a perpetrator and is made use of by the Show Trial of Frankfurt Auschwitz Show Trials. A very similar case is Filip Muller, who, if his story is true, is one of the world’s greatest Genocide operators and number one Serial Killer, helping in killing Six Million inside the Holy Shrine at Auschwitz.
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