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The Evolution of a Torturer: Thought Terrorist (TT) and political con man Jan Eliasson in focus

IRAN WAS ASKING A SIMPLE QUESTION: How do these things work? Thought Terrorist and Zionist mole, Jan Eliasson wasn’t going to answer that. He was stuck with his Holocaust Extortion Cult lie. The Humpty Dumpty had fallen flat on his face:

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall,
Humpty Dumpty had a great fall;
All the king’s horses,
And all the king’s men,
Couldn’t put Humpty together again.

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1. In 1965, TT Jan Eliasson, managed to get hold of a MASTER’S DEGREE IN ECONOMICS; some claim through cheating, from the SCHOOL OF BUSINESS, ECONOMICS AND LAW at the University of Gothenburg. The teachers were accused to ‘fjaska’ for Jan Eliasson because he claimed to be a ‘Jew’ and thereby hoping for promotions.

2. Without any qualifications whatsoever, the Rouge Jan Eliasson, is now put into SWEDISH MINISTRY FOR FOREIGN AFFAIRS. His only credentials being that he was a power hungry Adept for the Olof Palme party phalange Cult of the Swedish Socialist Party, a totally corrupt party deeply involved with drug addiction and preferential positions as gratitude for party affiliation. The party was in need of fresh blood as old drug laden Adepts were falling off or simply dying of Alcohol overuse, or, had committed suicide.

3. In spite of lack of experience, TT Jan Eliasson, then becomes, from 1982 to 1983, a Diplomatic Adviser to the Swedish Minister Olof Palme, who some years later gets assassinated in Sweden as he was walking along with his estranged wife on a main road in Stockolm. TT Jan Eliasson had by this time absolute no practice in diplomatic activity except the diplomacy of belonging to a party where each one was searching power for their own sake at expense of the workers. Jan Eliasson had not until this been capable of doing one days’ honest work. The ‘Olof Palme bla-bla’bla man’ needed not to work. The word was in the corridor he had gotten the job just because he was the ‘right boy friend’ of Olof Palme. Olof Palme was namely accused for good reasons, of being bi-sexual, and using debilitated young men for his amusements. For a long time his favorite ‘young man’ was a pro-Zionist puppet, Jewish Bonnier company homosexual servant, who ended up with dying from AIDS. It was later claimed, Olof Palme had arranged for his own death due to him knowing he himself had gotten AIDS.

4. And if this isn’t the end of opportunist and Zionist mole TT, Jan Eliasson; this con man’s career, because, he now, for some miraculous skills, gets the job as Director General for Political Affairs in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Jan Eliasson was known as the ‘man who couldn’t tie his own shoelace’, and the ‘little Jew boy whom Olof Palme liked’. This job of boondoggling, TT Jan Eliasson had from 1983 to 1987 although Olof Palme had been assassinated on March 28, 1986. Which in fact means, he ‘served’ as an adviser to a corpse, which may well illustrate the whole career of TT Jan Eliasson. dit786 By this time, TT and Zionist, Jan Eliasson, had not done one day of honest work in his whole life. In serious circles he was known as the ‘Jewish bla-bla-bla man’ and ‘Chutzpah boy of Olof Palme’.

5. Already in the 1970’s Ditlieb Felderer’s gets illegal visits from the Swedish police who force themselves, civil clad, without identifications, in Al Capone style, into his home and steal items. Doing so, while wearing civil clothes and without them giving proper identification. Ditlieb Felderer catches the police thieves in the very act of stealing. Acts totally illegal in a civilized country.

6. Civilian clad police again force themselves into the home of Ditlieb Felderer under the jurisdiction of Sweden Foreign Office headed by the Jan Eliasson puppet Prosecutor, Torsten Jonsson. When some of the police complain to Torsten Jonsson, in the presence of Ditlieb Felder, that; what they are doing is ‘illegal’, Torsten Jonsson gets furious, giving them an earful, and tells them they will get demoted for not complying and charged with disobeying orders.

7. Prosecutor Torsten Jonsson, defender of drugs for the Elite, now tries to get forced Confessions from Ditlieb Felderer. Accusing Felderer, that he has been involved with criminal writing and making criminal cartoons. When asked for examples of such ‘criminal items’, and names and documents of those accusing, Torsten Jonsson says, that isn’t needed as he himself takes care of the accusations. Thus branding himself a criminal doing an act in style with the past Star Chamber Court methods of Britain and Inquisition methods.

8. With inept TT Jan Eliasson in charge, Ditlieb Felderer is now put inside various Concentration Camps where attempts to assassination and Forced Confessions under torture are made. Not being able to obtain Forced Confessions, Ditlieb Felderer, is now sent to a Mental Institution, under the excuse that he is not giving any Forced Confession. As every Swede always does so, Ditlieb Felderer, must be mentally sick for not doing what all the others do. While forced inside the Mental Institutions his medical records are examined. Discovering that Ditlieb Felderer has not been using sick claims, medications, especially psycho medication, as all other Swedes, the psychiatrists in charge, now concoct, that this is proof of that Ditlieb Felderer must be mentally sick. Sick because he has not complained about being sick, and using medication, especially psycho medication. The Swedish High Court agrees with this interpretation that not even Stalin had dreamed about using. Every Swede is sick and that Ditlieb Felderer is not sick, proves he is sick.

9. Ditlieb Felderer is now dragged by State Inquisitor Torsten Jonsson, under torture and attempts of forced drugs, to various Witch Trial Show courts, each one being illegal in a civilized society. While inside Concentration Camps, he was repeatedly asked to use psychiatric drugs. Just before the trials, they put a madman next to him that would scream the whole night so that Ditlieb Felderer wouldn’t get any sleep and be exhausted before the Show Trials even begun. Ditlieb Felderer refused to take such drugs and told the Tormentors to go to Hell. A court, run by an exceptional cruel Zionist promoting man, pseudo-judge Lennart Groll, is used to condemn Ditlieb Felderer. Already at this time, this Court run by Political Party interests had been condemned by various countries. A Jury should not be selected on the basis of political party belonging but for their non-partiality, and not on the basis of partiality as in Sweden. The pseudo-judge, Lennart Groll, was later used to obtain a false conviction against Christer Pettersson, who was accused by Lisbeth Palme, the estranged wife by this time of Olof Palme, to be the killer who had assassinated her husband. The aid for the Prosecution was Tora Holst, who later accused Ahmed Rami of Radio Islam for illegal activities for not complying to the rules set down by the Jewish Synagogue in order to disseminate information to the public. Josef Goebbels, though dead, had now taken over the propaganda ministry of the Jewish Synagogue! Orwell’s Ministry of Truth had already begun in Sweden in the 1940’s under the direction of Sweden’s Justice Minister, Herman Zetterberg, Nils Quensel, and others. Nils Quensel had given huge sums of money to male youths, and he was now accused of pedophilia sex activities along with the King, himself. Sweden Justice Minister for 12 years Herman Zetterberg committed suicide by drugs. His wife died from Drug Abuse before him.

10. The illegal war against Iraq by Bush Senior, now starts.
Zionist puppet, Jan Eliasson, is used from 1980 to 1986 as mediating in the Iran-Iraq War. Little did Sadam Husein of Iraq know at the time that this same Jan Eliasson would be one of those instrumental in hanging him. One of the reasons why TT Jan Eliasson was chosen by Iraq, was because he had faithfully, and evidently, deceptively, attended a celebration of Iraq in one of Stockholm’s main hotels for political parties which Ditlieb Felderer also attended and where he identified the Zionist mole, Jan Eliasson. The Zionist Jan Eliasson now becomes Sweden’s PERMANENT REPRESENTATIVE to the United Nations in New York where he also appeared as the Secretary-General’s Personal Representative on Iran and Iraq. And we all know what resulted in all this. On the grounds of Weapons Of Mass Destruction Iraq was invaded and Sadam Husein got hanged. Iraq is today in total chaos thanks much due to the ‘work’ of TT Jan Eliasson.

We will end this here before we move to the next section of covert Zionist, Jan Eliasson’s criminal activities. The con man Jan Eliasson, who had been instrumental in getting Ditlieb Felderer tortured under false charges against him. Ditlieb Felderer did not feel his cartoons were ‘criminal’ and asked the Swedish Government to give viable proof of their ‘criminality’. They refused to do so, recommending Ditlieb Felderer to go to Israel for further information. The court verdict against Ditlieb Felderer, duly stated that ‘foreign countries’ decides on Censorship laws in Sweden without naming which. But it was evident Sweden was bound to follow Israel’s orders and all the ‘independence’ of Olof Palme was but smoke screen. Olof Palme, in fact, while going on his ‘peace missions’, at the same time, secretly also sold weapons. ‘War Is Peace’, is not that what they say?
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TT Jan Eliasson a child of the Dean of the Holocaust Extortion Cult: Stefan Szende The Hungarian Jew Stefan Szende who moved to Sweden is the Father of Exterminationism, the HEC cult. Stefan Szende originated the belief that Jews escaped Hitler because they had put onto their Penises, new fresh Foreskins in order to dupe Hitler. Szende thus became the Dean and Father of the New Foreskin On Circumcised Penis Doctrine: The survival of the Jews was because of their Penis!
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  1. We are living in a very dangerous time. The whore of Babylon (Israel) is riding the seven-headed beast and now she is crying for war. The whore also have many sabath-goys to help her. One which is Jan Eliasson. He is a man that often speeks about pease but in his diplomatic retoric pease means war. Now just see and wait what kind of a pease he is going to bring forth in the ukranian mission.

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