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What is the difference between a Holocaust Denier (HD) and a Thought Terrorist (TT)?

Language: English, MP3, Time: 12:20 Minutes

The creators of the Holocaust Extortion Cult, the HEC Cult, Exterminationism, Martyrology, Caustology, and the Holocaust Commercial Cult

The art of using Euphemism and Chutzpah for Genocide

Thought Terrorists (TT) cling tenacious on Censorship with its Limited Censorship Doctrine which they have adopted from Hegel and his Class struggles.

Hegel thought that the Middle Class was the honest and good Class and this Class should serve as the bureaucracy. His Limited Censorship mania he obtained from the Missionaries of the French Revolution.

Below you see how the Holocaust Denial term begun

The word Holocaust is a Greek word and has nothing to do with Jan Eliasson’s Zionist Hebrew Cult. It has nothing to do with exterminating so called ‘Jews’ or anybody else. It is a Greek word and not a Hebrew word and refers to the Greek Fertility sex Cults reigning in Greece before Christianity massacred all its believers in Bush ‘For Or Against’ doctrinal style.

An excellent example of Thought Terrorism is the Swedish Zionist covert Jew, Jan Eliasson. In order to hide the fact that the term ‘Holocaust Denial’ was a term begun by Ditlieb Felderer, he now managed the entire United Nations participants to refuse to debate it. His religious fanatic cohorts had previously managed to make the Drug Addicted Swedish Justice Minister, Herman Zetterberg, to adopt stringent Censorship laws to prohibit discussion of Zionism not in Kosher with Israel dictatorship.

Ditlieb_Bush_Eliasson Bush Junior and Jan Eliasson, both strong contenders for the Auschwitz For War Doctrine Jan Eliasson forbade United Nations to debate the Pension Fraud Crimes of his faith-brethren. He is also one responsible for covering up the theft of the Ditlieb Felderer home in Austria by two Jewish French generals who carted everything on military trucks and took the plunder to France in violation of the Geneva Conventions and as an act of Crime Against Humanity.

As can be seen the differences of Thought Terrorism (TT) and Holocaust Denial (HD) is virtually none as every Holocaust Denier (HD) is automatically a Thought Terrorist (TT). It is all a matter of Newspeak and preferences in using terms.

After Ditlieb Felderer had introduced the word PORNOCAUST it soon got hijacked, including using it for music groups. A few other terms Ditlieb Felderer has used are Orgicaust, Orgycaust, Supercaust, Sexicaust, Sexycaust, Caustology, Auschwitch, Auswitch, Asswitch, Asswitz, Caust Me!, Caust!, instead of Hell!, etc.

Below you see how the Holocaust Denial term begun and how it developed into a Newspeak word:
Preview of “m”_62

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