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Holocaust Deniers and why Google won’t show you this

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Holocaust Deniers and why Google won’t show you this
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For a lengthy time when you searched on Google for ‘Ditlieb Felderer’ you always came first on Nizkor. Why? Because Nizkor told you nothing about Ditlieb Felderer. It didn’t even reproduce the page from which their quote was taken. That this was deliberately manipulated seem obvious. How otherwise could one explain this?

Now try this search on ‘Holocaust Deniers’ on Google and see where you come. Google people simply don’t want to admit that their Newspeak word ‘Holocaust Denier’ and ‘Holocaust Deniers’ was introduced by Ditlieb Felderer in the l970’s to describe such things as the DENIAL of the MATERIAL EVIDENCE of Stalin’s Holy Shrine, the alleged ‘smoking gun’ of the ‘gas chamber’, the Auschwitz Swimming Pool, the Auschwitz Kitchen, the Auschwitz Cinema, the Auschwitz Mail Office, the Auschwitz Brothel, the Auschwitz Flush Toilets, the Auschwitz Sanitation, the Auschwitz Water works, etc., etc.

The Auschwitz For War Doctrine needs these lies for its use of excusable wars in order to hide their wars of aggression, now latest in the invasion of Africa. And at the head of these aggressors for war is no one less then the Zionist ‘Jew’ Jan Eliasson who operates clandestinely in Sweden with his Zionist propaganda. The word in English, ‘Eliasson’, means the ‘son of Eliah’, which ‘Eliah’ means ‘Jehovah is my God’. Jehovah was the ruthless, Genocide, tribal God of the Jews and his name means nothing less than the Mighty And Erect Penis In The Sky. The War God number one, and the Warmongering God number one, all embodied in Genocide, violence, and bloodshed.

Jan Eliasson was one of the head War Lords covering up the falsehood of Bush Junior’s Weapons of Mass Destruction which supposedly Iraq was supposed to have and which excused the invasion of Iraq with drastic consequences all felt today.

When Zionist Jan Eliasson stopped United Nations from discussion of the Holocaust Extortion Cult, the HEC Cult, he covered up the fact that the term Holocaust Denial and Holocaust Deniers was used by Ditlieb Felderer first, and for quite different reasons.

But here is a list of the ‘Holocaust Deniers’ the Zionist writers of Wikipedia try to hide from us all.

An consider this fact: Until now, Ditlieb Felderer has not been put onto this Wikipedia list. Why not? Could it be for that it would let the cat out of the bag, indicating the word has been hijacked by Warmongers to cover up their War Crimes and Genocide?

What cements all these Cult fanatics together is not so much being Holocaust Deniers, but their mania for Censorship and being Thought Terrorists (TT). Therefore in searching for HOLOCAUST DENIERS one should also search for THOUGHT TERRORISM and THOUGHT TERRORISTS. All of them serve as holy Missionaries for the Thought Terrorist Cult which they adopted through Hegel and the French Revolution and the Christian and Jewish religion. That means that they worship before the Altar of Limited Censorship, which fortunately America’s early politicians saw to be what it is: a farce. And let’s not forget Henry Brooks Adams when he said: You can trust nobody and nothing.

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