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Holocaust Deniers listing


From ditliebradio, the free information outlet

This is the most extensive list of ‘Holocaust Deniers’ existing on the Internet!

All of the originators of the Holocaust Extortion Cult never used the term ‘Holocaust’.
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None of those mentioned by the Holocaust Deniers in their Wikipedia article on ‘Holocaust Deniers’ can be called such
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This category is reserved for articles on people who have actively promoted Holocaust Denial, a term invented by Ditlieb Felderer in the 1970’s to describe the denial of the Holy Shrine Stalin ‘gas chamber’ at Auschwitz Vomitorium, the Auschwitz Brothel, the Auschwitz Swimming Pool, the Auschwitz Kitchen, and many other things.

The biased Wikipedia article on the same issue adds the following:

It is not to be used for individuals who may have at some point indicated support for such views, but have not actively promoted them.

If this is true, then most of those names the Holocaust Deniers of that article would have to elide most names, since most of them have never denied the ‘Holocaust’ in the Greek meaning, nor promoted them. Curiously enough, one person who has been most active, on the issue of the Hebrew Jewish Olah Cult, the Greek Holocaust, and the Holocaust Extortion Cult, the HEC Extortion Cult, namely Exterminationism, also called Martyrology and Caustology, has been Ditlieb Felderer, and he is not mentioned. What can be the reason for this? Would it let the cat out of the bag – that Holocaust Extortion Cult adepts are using a term invented by Ditlieb Felderer?

Another problem is: what about those who are riding on two horses? Such as Hermann Langbein, Raul Hilberg, Franciszek Piper, and others, and those who became Renegades, of which Raul Hilberg, David Irving, and Jean-Claud Pressac are examples of? And even Ditlieb Felderer, a former propagator for the Holocaust Extortion Cult. David Irving is a typical case of this confusion. Once a Holocaust Denier, he then challenged the Cult, while carrying out a Libel suit against Holocaust Denier (HD) Deborah Lipstadt for having called him a Holocaust Denier, a term which was coined by Ditlieb Felderer in the 1970’s.

An intriguing question is: What cements all these men together? All these Holocaust Deniers (HD) are Thought Terrorists (TT). They all subscribe to Hegel’s and the French Revolution dogma of Limited Censorship. Without that, their whole house of cards fall together.

All those not wanting to be on the list should verbally on three minutes duration forward a lament as to their non-prominent position as a Holocaust Denier (HD). The Denial will be put on Internet for discussion to see what merit such lamentation holds. Anyone seeking to trick, threaten, deceive, or lie, will be further exposed to the public.

Researchers should also look up on: BB (Book Burner), BBC (Bible Bogus Crime adepts), CTCS (Charlie Thought Crime Syndicate), CUM (Cover Up Man), GR (Gang Rape adepts), MC (Manipulating Actors), PBB, PHD (Pornocaust Holocaust Denier or Deceiver), PISS, Pissers, Pissology, Pissologist, Pisserist, Pisserism, Pisspot, SEX, S-Extorter, SS (Sicarii Sonderkommando), Urolagnia, Urophilia, Holocaust Denier (HD), giving further details for Adepts of the Holocaust Extortion Cult.

It should be noted that some on the list are now dead. Some of these person have been involved with Arson, Terrorist Acts, and Violence:

Konrad Adenauer
Omer Bartov
Fritz Bauer (secret Renegade possible assassinated)
Rajo Bohman
Jerzy Adam Brandhuber (secret Renegade)
Willy Brandt
Martin Broszat
Christopher Browning
Stephane Bruchfeld
Ignatz Bubis
John F Burns
David Cesarini
Piotr Cywinski
Danuta Czech (Renegade)
Barbara Just-Dahlmann
Deborah Dwork
Jan Eliasson
Richard Evans
Eskil Franck
Arnold Friedman
Heinz Galinski
Martin Gilbert
Charles Gray
Lennart Groll
Oskar Groning
Barbara Hendricks
Kjell Henriksson
Raul Hilberg (Renegade, possible assassinated)
Frank Hirschfeldt
Johan Hirschfeldt
Francois Hollande
Tora Holst
Tadeusz Iwaszko (possible Renegade)
Olaf Jensen
Torsten Jonsson
Ian Kershaw
Beate Klarsfeld
Hannelore Kohl (mystical death, assassinated?)
Helmut Kohl
Maike Kohl
Hermann Langbein (Two Horse Rider)
Peter Launsky
Ursula von der Leyen
Agneta Isborn Lind
Anna Lindh (assassinated)
Deborah Lipstadt
Peter Longerich
Thomas de Maiziere
Ulrich Meinerzhagen
Filip Muller
Gerd Muller
Edward Murrow
Morton Narrowe
Peter Novick
Helmut Mussener
Svante Nordin (Fahrenheiter 451, an Arsonist)
Richard Overy
Olof Palme (assassinated)
Robert Jan Van Pelt
Goran Persson
Richard Pierard
Franciszek Piper (secret Renegade)
Roman Polanski
Merle Pollis
Jean-Claude Pressac (Renegade, possible assassinated)
Jerzy Rawicz
Laurence Rees
Gerald Reitlinger
Mark Roseman
Wolfgang Scheffler
Kurt Schrimm
Manuela Schwesig
Jan Sehn (Renegade, possible assassinated)
Lennart Selin (Fahrenheiter 451, an Arsonist)
Piotr Setkiewicz
William Shirer
Kazimierz Smolen (secret Renegade)
Timothy Snyder
Sibylle Steinbacher
Frank-Walter Steinmeier
Krister Stendahl
Claus-Christian Szejnmann
Stefan Szende
Tadeusz Szymanski (secret Renegade)
Jan Urbaniak (secret Renegade)
Manuel Valls
Rudolf Vrba
Count Wilhelm Wachtmeister
Tadeusz Wasowicz
Jorgen Weibull
Simon Wiesenthal
Elie Wiesel

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2 thoughts on “Holocaust Deniers listing Leave a comment

  1. One of the worst denyers is now on his way to Ukraina to help the sionists to wage more war on Putin. His name is Jan Eliasson. He was actully the one who in the UN-assembly prohibited any
    talk what so ever about denying the so called Holocaust.

    • Thank you. In other words, protecting Zionism by using a term Ditlieb Felderer started. Will they now start using PORNOCAUST also? Stalin’s Auschwitz turned against himself for now the Auschwitz For War Doctrine reigns and so Auschwitz is turned against Russia, former Soviet Union, which promulgated the Auschwitz For War Doctrine without perhaps realizing it. It is now NATO’s play game replacing the Domino Doctrine/Theory and permits war for mere suspicion and false claims, such as the Bush es Iraq wars, the Weapons Of Mass Destruction which never existed. Russia eating itself up, for their officials frequently visited Auschwitz Vomitorium, thus digging their own grave. History is crazy indeed, no doubt about that!

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