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An Israel Yad Vashem connected ‘Holocaust Survivor’ famous Pisser Professor tells about 6 million slaughtered Jews at Auschwitz by Pizza Pie

Chamber Piss Pot_2w3 A GENOCIDE BY PIZZA PIE
A famous Yad Vashem connected ‘Holocaust Survivor’ Pisser reveals for the first time how 6 million Jews were slaughtered at Auschwitz by eating Pizza Pie

It happened all at the Stalin Holy Shrine where the Jewish Sonderkommando prepared the deadly food. To the accompaniment of the Jewish Orchestra and the Auschwitz Waltz the Jewish Sonderkommando were able to slaughter Six Million Jewish Martyrs

Language: English, MP3, Time: 16:59 Minutes

Super secret photo taken by Doctor Josef Mengele of the Jewish Sonderkommando serving Pizza Pie and who were in charge of the massive slaughter of 6 million Martyr Jews

Language: English, MP3, Time:


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