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New Pisser interview with ‘Holocaust Survivor’ expert direct from Yad Vashem

Chamber Piss Pot_2w3 New Super Power interview with ‘Holocaust Survivor’ Pisser and expert direct from Yad Vashem

‘Holocaust Survivor’ expert, Professor and devout Pisser, tells the facts about Auschwitz and the over 4 million killed Martyrs inside Stalin Holy Shrine

We hear that MORE than 4 million anti-Capitalist Martyrs got liquidated in this horrible, atrocious way.
Language: English, MP3, Time: 20:05 Minutes

The ‘Secret Doctrine’ Put to the test

More than 4 million Martyrs were exterminated here according to Exterminationism and the Four Million Martyrs Doctrine of Stalin

Nothing could avoid to be seen here

A Yad Vashem victim and ‘Holocaust Survivor’ forcibly gives his Testimony

The fact of the SS Hospital proves the HEC Cult a Hoax and just a way to extort Pension Fraud Crimes (PFC)

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