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Incubus and the claim that Satan left his nail marks inside Stalin Holy Shrine after having sex with the 4 million Martyrs

The Thriving of Satanism at the Holy Shrine of Auschwitz Vomitorium


Preview of “j”_93Incubus and the persistent rumor that Satan left his nail marks at Stalin Holy Shrine after having sex with the 4 million anti-Capitalist Martyrs after which they were sent up the huge Chimney outside

Preview of “H”_78
PUTTING THE NAILS INTO SATAN: It is inside this building known as the Stalin Holy Shrine building where Satan is to have operated by Incubus sex with the more than 4 million anti-Capitalist martyrs. After having had his sex, Satan sent them up the huge chimney which you can see beside the building.

GETTING THE NAILS INTO ST. ANTONIUS. Long before the claims of Satan’s visit and sex activities at the Auschwitz Gas Chamber, the Holy Shrine, and leaving his nail marks in recognition of his Mission, Satan is to have put his nails into St. Antonius.

NAILS ON FLESH: CONTEMPORARY ART MEETS PAST HISTORY. According to the stories circulating Satan is to have continuous presence at the Auschwitz Gas Chamber, the Holy Shrine, enjoying his time with wild sex with the Martyrs. As memory of his sex activities he is to have left nail marks all around the building and today Pilgrims seek to identify their location when visiting the Auschwitz Vomitorium. According to the Holy Bible at Deuteronomy 21:10-14, the Jewish Tribal God Jehovah had given the Jews both land and women. The conquering Jewish soldiers were to grab hold of a woman, humiliate her and rape her, and then throw her away for the animals to be eaten up. But the whole Rape Ritual was done with finesse. The victim’s hair was to be cut along with her NAILS. Nothing was left to chance so that Jehovah God also would not enjoy the Rape.

THE NAILS OF JESUS CHRIST. It is claimed that the fingernails of Jesus Christ were removed and just as with his Foreskin was alleged to be located at various places. Martyrology is rich with claims of Foreskins and Nails at various locations around the world where Christianity flourished

Stories tell how whole crosses were found where supposedly Jesus hung on and used as Relics. Such discoveries some claimed could equal a whole forest. With the Crosses were also supposed to be the Nails put into Jesus on the Cross.

The Incubus Satan sex with the 4 million anti-Capitalist Martyrs have similarities with Stefan Szende where his ‘Foreskin’ becomes NAILS. In each case it is a Cult of Fetischism and Trophy conquest.

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