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Hundred of millions of Africans now able to move to Europe thanks to Spain opening the borders

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Millions of Africans now welcome to Europe thanks to Spain opening its borders

Spain Mariano Rajoy opens borders to Europe

Hundreds of millions now able to peacefully move to Europe

It all begun with the African Sephardi

The famous Jewish Historian, Josephus, in Ant. 1.15 claimed word Africa stems from Epher who was grandson of Abraham and to which the Sephardi to a major part belong (Geneis 25:4). Some of the Sephardi then moved north to invade Libya and whose descendants likewise are Sephardi and likewise welcome as new European citizens. The Epher Sephardi people were also part of Manasseh as part of the half tribe of Manasseh. When their descendants became unfaithful to Jehovah he allowed the Assyrian king
to take them into exile, resulting in that same of these Sephardi again moved to the interior of Africa, but are now welcome back, and can claim citizenship as European thanks to Spain (1 Chronicles 5:23-26).

Christian Missionaries saw in Africans as Sephardi Tribe due to their Circumcising men and women. All this now makes it possible for hundreds of millions of hoping and expecting Africans to peacefully move to Europe thanks to the gracious move of Spain’s president, Mariano Rajoy.

While this is going on, Spain at the same time wants to change its laws to send Africans back who risked their lives while trying to harmonize the shipping of hundreds of millions of Sephardi to Europe.
SOURCE: El Pais, February 19, 2014:1, 8, 9

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