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We confront the Pisser with their Pisserism and other Holocaust Deniers about Hitler’s Berlin Swimmingpool and that of Auschwitz

Language: English, MP3, Time: 11:12 Minutes

We confront an expert Pisser of Pisserism on Berlin Swimming Pool of 1936 which Germany used for its Olympic Swims and Dives, being confronted with a Pisser of Pisserism and a convinced Holocaust Denier (HD)

While still waiting for answers from Peter Launsky of UN and his Press Release Note No. 6403

New York Times DENIED the Auschwitz Swimming Pool from start. See their Holocaust Denial of the Auschwitz Swimming Pool at New York Times, March 30, 1988:7, where John F Burns writes his article giving the impression he had been at Auschwitz to see the fact.

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