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Sadomasochism, the Shoah and the HEC Cult

SadomasochismCTGSadomasochism, the Shoah, and the HEC Cult, the Holocaust Extortion Cult

A serious Look at the Jewish Sonderkommando and their excessive Sex doings

We take a close look at the Jewish Sonderkommando and their Whips. Maybe this was the real way they used their Whips inside the Holy Shrine or Block 24?

It is told that while the Tribal God Jehovah watched his Shoah Tsunami cover the earth he became sexually aroused and begun to Masturbate and the reason why he finally let up was when he became totally exhausted from his act. By then most were dead. Even animals got killed. In fact, there were a lot more animals than man on earth so in effect his Wrath was not as much against human beings but animals became the supreme target.

Every Cult have their Sexual activities and the Holocaust Extortion Cult, Exterminationism, likewise has many questions. With Necrophilia Filip Muller inside the Stalin Holy Shrine which he made out as a Gas Chamber the Sex activities may have gone ballistic.

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