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The Christian Church and the Sephardi Cult and Censorship of Africa

Preview of “Welcome 3”_45 The Christian Church and the Sephardi Cult and Censorship of Africa. How Africa has been left out for fear of Missionary attention.

The Christian Church has worked hard to draw attention away from the African influence in the Bible. The Protestant Censoring whole books of the Apocrypha has further been able to mask away African influence. In most Bible dictionaries and reference books the word ‘Africa’ is never headed. The very useful Jehovah’s Witness Bible dictionary, INSIGHT ON THE SCRIPTURES (1988) does not head ‘Africa’ because the word Africa is not found in the Bible.

When Christian mission entered parts of Africa they were astounded to find its people used Circumcision. How was this possible, seeing they were not Jews or Islam believers? They then reasoned they belonged to some part of the Ten Lost Tribes or Sephardi group which had been exiled from Jerusalem and then moved into inland Africa. And these black ‘Jews’ were part of the Diaspora.

The Jewish historian, Josephus in Ant. 1.15 claims the word Africa stems from Epher, gandson of Abraham according to Genesis 25:4, whose descendants, he claimed, had invaded Libya.

The Bible mentioned about a place called SEPHARAD in Obadiah 1:20 which the Christian missionaries reasoned was situated in Africa and so they used the name Sephardi to denote these people. This was a common Protestant interpretation of reality, whereas some Roman Catholics also pointed to the Jews who had lived in Spain and who were expelled.

But what about when the discovered women were also Circumcised? Most took it up as a natural consequence of separation which Jewry demanded as the Chosen Race of Jehovah God. The Jews considered themselves as a superior race chosen by their tribal God Jehovah. Female Circumcision was viewed as a logical headship subjection of women in the Church which the Bible demanded on women on the basis that God is to have declared so (Genesis 24:65, 1 Corinthians 11:5-16; Hebrews 1:14).

This making by Christians of a huge African section as Sephardi makes it now possible for millions of Africans to come to Europe and demand all the rights on equal basis with other citizens. Spain Mariano Rajoy has made this possible through accepting the Sephardi Mission Doctrine and welcomes them to Europe as fellow citizens with equal rights. The estimate Africans thus being enjoined under this privilege must reach the well over 300 million persons.
How all these people will get room in Europe none of the politicians have so far explained.

The question is now what transportation will be used. Some have suggested for Spain to quit their various wars, as that in Africa and elsewhere, and use the warships as transportation.

Thus once more we see the significance of the Penis and its role in history and religion. Thanks to the Penis millions can now come to Europe just as the Penis served a role in the Conquest of Canaan and making Circumcised Chosen Race of Jews conquer the land and cleanse it off all evil Gentile ‘dogs’. Later the Conquest of Palestine by the Zionists, and now the Liberation of Africa for Europe by Sephardi African Jews. Thanks to the Penis, according to Stefan Szende, millions of Jews were rescued from going into the ‘gas chamber’ at Auschwitz.

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Millions of impoverished Africans are now welcome to Europe thanks to the bold slave liberating move of Spain, Mariano Rajoy, who is now considered as a Messiah by many poor Africans.
Dtsch-SW:Herero-Aufstand 1904: R ckkehr aus der Omaheke-W ste 1905

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