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The Jewish Shoah: The Cult between Fire, Hell and Sex

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The moment the Jews had settled down in Europe, being brought in there by the Roman Catholic Church, the hunt after Witches begun, who, when found, were duly interrogated, and then burned in fire. All according to the Laws and Rituals of the Church.

The central part of the Shoah Cult was set at Sodom and Gomorrah. Sodom and Gomorrah, two places where Crime and Morality had gone ballistic bad, the Tribal God Jehovah demanded Lot and his family to flee from it, or suffer the consequences. Lot and his family then fled the Sex crazed place only to end up with doing another Sex abuse done by Lot himself. Now without wife, whom he left behind encased in salt, he could freely have Sex with his daughters without her complaining about it.

And this his did, and evidently enjoyed it every time he did it. So the Morality Play turns itself the full Circle and starts with Sex with ones own parents in what appears to be veritable Sex orgies.

Lot flees the Shoah and Sodom and Gomorrah with his two daughters according to Durer for to start his own Sex orgiesAlbrecht_Dürer_Shoah

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