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Horse of the Day becomes Quenelle. The first Horse Quenelle ever

Preview of “d”_8

THE FIRST HORSE QUENELLE EVER? Observant readers have now discovered in the prior Horse of the Day picture a truly genuine ‘Quenelle’, the first Horse Qenelle ever! Hence, Dieudonne is now turning into Polish Horse Trade business thanks to this brilliant observation.

They ask us to observe the right hand of Yoga sister Nelle Quen whose hand in typical Quenelle fashion is gently covering the buttocks of her Yoga sister Lolita Crif who Antisemitically seems to enjoy it.

LICRA has been put in on the case to determine the extent of the Horse Salute Antisemitism, and whether the horse should be put to slaughter at once for encouraging Antisemitic Horse Behavior, a feared Moses’ plague which they fear may spread to other horses around the globe.

220px-Quenelle_liste_anti-sioniste Here you see another similar Quenelle salute, much admired by Sport groups around the world, the latest being doing it at the Auschwitz Swimming Pool

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