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Hungarians are beginning to ask what sort of fabricated History they are force fed with by the Government


Hungarians begin to see that it here concerns a Cult, a fanatic Cult which seeks to derive sympathy and money through fake history and crocodile tears

Exterminationist historians are for the first time put under investigation as suspicion raises that many of its claimed victims belonged to the murderous Genocide Ethnic Cleansing Serial Killing Sicarii Jewish Sonderkommando or to the rank of Kapos which administrated the whole activities outside the Stalin Holy Shrine where the Jewish Sonderkommando administrated all.

Self-confessed Serial Killing, Miklos Nyiszli claimed that the Jewish Sonderkommando played Football/Soccer against the Nazi German SS at Auschwitz. They ask, how can such a place be called for an Extermination Camp? Is not a better word for it: Auschwitz Rehabilitation Recreation Sport and Relief Camp, or a Rehabilitation Camp?

Jewish Sonderkommando, according to Hungarian Jewish Sonderkommando Miklos Nyiszli, played sports such as Soccer-Football against the Nazi German SS:
Preview of “+”_11

Studying maps the Investigators start asking questions such as from where, which road, the Serial Killing Jewish Sonderkommando took their Martyrs to be brought to Stalin’s Holy Shrine where they pushed their victims into the ‘gas chamber’ to be killed. Stalin claimed more then four million anti-capitalist Martyrs were slaughtered inside his claimed ‘gas chamber,’ for then to disappear up the huge Chimney, through the four Crematory ovens inside:
Preview of “6”_51

Randolph L Braham is accused of being a Bernad Madoff historian who cooks the books and dishes out fiction stories to support the Pension Fraud Crimes (PFC), and possible now attempts to force Hungary to pay out huge Reparations as has been done with Austria, Germany, Switzerland, and elsewhere. Research are now made to see whether his sources and relative ‘victims’ did in fact belong to the murderous Jewish Sonderkommando or were their assistants._MG_6151a

The Jewish Sonderkommando craved for Women’s Underwear, Condoms, Alcohol, and other priced items which made them volunteer for the Jewish Sonderkommando busily engaged with killing their own race.Preview of “m”_8

Another person being investigated is a Spanish writer who appears as a bona fide historian and goes under the name of Julian CASANOVA Ruiz. Hungarians suspect him for being mainly a bogus writer all concerned about making a buck. He has also been involved with the search of Franco crimes but all it resulted in was a hindering of the search as opposers accuse him for being biased and just out to blame one side where crimes were made by all sides. Julian Casanova also pops up at Budapest University where he tells his spectacular Bible yarns to innocent victims whom he hopes won’t take the time to investigate on their own. SOURCE: El Pais, February 11, 2014:4casanova-biblioteca

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