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The world of body movements and the Auschwitz Swimming Pool

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I must have been a very lucky child. Around 9 years old my mother gave me a book of Yoga. It had illustrations in it in how to do things. Later on sneaking into the adult section of the library i caught sight of a book on Gymnastic Yoga, Hatha Yoga. All this material was new to Sweden. I was stopped by the registration lady, who told me I was too young for that kind of book and it belonged to the adult section. But I was not so easily defeated. I showed her how I could stand on my head and hand, and she gave in. The book was mine. And I had it for months as no one else claimed it.

Equally fortunate I became when Sweden’s Olympic Swimmer champion, Arne Borg, came to our town. I wrote me in for the training team although I was too young, and they let me go. So for one summer I trained with the best there was and I learned the tricks of swimming and diving. Rain or sun, I was there every day.

The other day I watched intensely Russian Julia Lipnitskaia skating. A complete control of body and mind with music. What a girl I said, and I came back to my youth. I have always searched for such a woman who mastered the impossible and share with her my life. I never found her. Suddenly there all my dreams stopped. The wish was beyond my reach.

When I came to Auschwitz and saw the Swimming Pool there, the first thing was to jump in. It had no water. My wish was beyond my reach just like those other dreams.

As we wander through life we all go through our dreams. Some we reach. Some become nightmares. But why can’t men live in harmony? Again it is my dream. And again, it is beyond my reach. I can only find peace with myself. Maybe that is already all? Why want and expect for more?

Picture shows Spain swimmer Mireia Belmonte taking the prize of FINA swimming championship using the same pool Hitler built at Auschwitz


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