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Fuck Europe! says US Assistant Secretary of State, Victoria Nuland

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While in Kiev in Ukraine, US Assistant Secretary of State, Victoria Nuland, a reported Neocon, spoke ‘Fuck Europe’ over her cell phone. This was picked up, and so it became history of yet another person showing her ignorance belonging to the Ruling Class and Untouchable Tribe.

  1. Now consider these interesting points.
  2. Whole of Europe has Censorship, each European country with their own laws. But it wasn’t this what Nuland referred to. In fact USA has promoted Censorship all over Europe and never once complained when Europe enforced it. So evidently, what she wants is a Censorship in Europe which her Neocons like.
  3. USA’s lack of interest in Censorship can be seen of that not even when Thomas Paine was in Jail in France ready to have his head cut off did America intervene. The same way has been American history since.
  4. America is practically Stalinism either you take the Democrat or Republican Party. They both stick with strong glue to all of Stalin’s main Doctrines of Auschwitz and today have adopted the Auschwitz For War Doctrine in exchange of Domino Doctrine.
  5. Both Bush Junior and Dick Cheney went through the Stalin Ordination of the Holocaust Extortion Cult at Auschwitz. Both went through Stalin’s Holy Shrine doing the necessary Stalin rituals, and they did so to promote the new Auschwitz For War Doctrine.
  6. Americans refuse to recognize that their country was stolen from the Native Indians. They believe the same as the Jews, that God somehow in a mysterious way gave them the land and that they conquered in his name.
  7. They refuse to accept the fact that many of those, whom they call Euphemistic for ‘Pilgrims’, were wanted murderers and thieves in Europe who had escape there for crooked business or some Terrorist act.
  8. They refuse to accept the fact that they themselves could be called ‘War Criminals’. Just like the Jews, they believe only others are ‘War Criminals’.
  9. They refuse to accept the fact that they, just like the Jews, have been using Europe as their Milking Cow. Thus Europe is in war against Islam, against Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, and now Africa. What could America do without the ready help of Europe’s corrupt politicians?
  10. America is run by clans of fanatic Christians. Yet when you discuss with an American, who lives in the midst of Cults, he has no clue of the various believes of their Cults they thrive amongst.
  11. What program does American have for Ukraine except for selling weapons? And putting in yet another Censorship more favorable to Jews and the Neocons. They want to exchange the Ukraine Censorship for an Israel, Neocon more workable Censorship.
  12. Hence, neither Ukraine or Europe will be one step ahead either they accept their own Dictatorship or that by the Neocons. It’s all the same old music.

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