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Carl Bildt of Sweden wants change in Ukraine: How about himself?

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When Carld Bildt served as a minister of Sweden his party was busy in persecuting and torturing Ditlieb Felderer.

Carl Bildt never lifted a finger about the War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity case of the Ditlieb Felderer family in Austria when two Jewish French Generals broke into their home, stole everything, and carried their loot to France.

Where Carl Bildt is operating today in his Sweden Foreign Office it was the same place from which originated several Terrorist attacks, with Wilhelm Wachtmeister, Hans Danelius, Johan Munck, Lennart Groll, and others approving it.

All Carl Bildt wants in Ukraine is to make Ukraine change their Censorship Laws to those of Sweden. So what is new here?

Sweden has the Old Testament ‘Limited Censorship’ and virtually every Swede through indoctrination believe it to be more holier than God.

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