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An open letter to Sweden Minister of Justice Beatrice Ask

Language: Swedish, MP3, Time: 7:10


Beatrice Ask, born 20 April 1956, while the corrupt Swedish Justice Minister, the drug abuser, Herman Zetterberg, ruled the realms of Sweden corrupt justice. He committed suicide after his wife, the daughter of Alice Lyttkens committed suicide by drug abuse.

Beatrice Ask was chosen as Sweden Justice Minister for the simple reason the Swedish Justice had gone so rotten, there wasn’t much else the corrupt politicians of Sweden could do. So, just like with the problem of the Royalties, new blood has to be used in order to make the rotten system continue to go, or; it becomes too evident to the slaves that these are nothing but con men who are forced in, putting the whole operational scam to a grind.

Sweden uses men in civilian clothes whom they call ‘police’. Putting them in civilian clothes make them impossible to identify and beyond the reach of law. In fact, you don’t know who is there. It may just as well be MOSSAD making themselves out as such just as they used the Sweden telephone net with their clandestine operations and threat calls.

The occult police will then start stealing anything they feel to steal. That includes family photos, books, films, musical instruments. Indeed anything they wish, because by doing so they will be promoted as Police Chiefs and other promotions giving them higher wages and status.

In the case of Ditlieb Felderer they stole books, cartoons, photographs, writings, music instruments – yes even food and loads of other material. Things which never were under charge. Now, this goes under law of committing Crime Against Humanity. But this Cosa Nostra mob of Crime Syndicate do not care. What they care for is to line their own pockets and feather their own nests.

But who does the Fahrenheit 451 arson, burning up this totally harmless material? Only useful to the family? Svante Nordin and Lennart Selin, were two of the Taby police thugs carrying out these criminal acts. But did they also burn it up? Where is it burned up? How is it burned up? And who supervises the whole criminal arson operation?

There does not exist one single case in Sweden history that informs you of the whole Mafia operations done under crocodile tears, wailing they are doing so to save the Universe. So we will ask the now Sweden Justice Minister, Beatrice Ask, to inform the world how such arson acts are done in Sweden. Historians of crime all around the world are waiting with a swift answer from Justice Minister Beatrice Ask.

Dear Beatrice Ask,

On various occasions, men in civilian clothes forced themselves into my home claiming they were police. At times they were followed by such hooligans as Torsten Jonsson and Agneta Isborn Lind.

I am here referring to personal family photos. Hence material which have never been charged. Read the above, which questions the modus operandi of such criminal acts done by the Swedish State under the pretense of saving the world.

How is this whole illegal operational Crime Against Humanity carried out? I expect your speedy answer since I am personally involved. Another reason is, I want to inform my readers and listeners, it would never come up in my mind to ever act in this barbarian manner to my fellow man.

Sincerely, Ditlieb Felderer
Skype: ditliebnews


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