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The Hard-core Quenelle into the faces of corrupt Politicians. France Francois Hollande meets his Quenelle

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The Bible Olah Holocaust Cult and the six pointed Quenelle

France Francois Hollande meets his hard-core Quenelle

The delivering of the Diudonne Final Solution Quenelle to a French president adoring Censorship Dictatorship

The exposing of the Thought Terrorists (TT) of Europe and how they operate with threats and violence to line their own pockets and feather their own nests

Here is the evidence we are dealing with political scam boys, racketeers, Bernard Madoff speculators, and authoritarian rabble, set in by the corrupt Murder Incorporated system

In previous letters to France President, Francois Hollande, we requested him to look into the War Crime and Crime Against Humanity act of two French Jewish Generals who stole the whole inheritance of Ditlieb Felderer’s family, as they booted into their house in Innsbruck, Austria, while the family had fled to Italy.

Where has all this gone? The belongings included important historical material Felderer’s grand father had taken with him from America where he was working, back home to Norway. All this with the collections of paintings, photographs, yes everything including the kitchen sink were stolen by these two French Jewish Generals.

A request was made to Francois Hollande to get in contact with Sweden Foreign Minister, Carl Bildt, to clear up this case which was reported to the Swedish Foreign Office as soon as the Felderer family landed as refugees from Italy.
But it seems politicians can’t do anything else but lay in bed and make war. The latest now in Africa.

Dear Mr Francois Hollande,

As per previous notification I requested you to clear up the War Crime and Crime Against Humanity act done by two French Jewish Generals as they entered the Ditlieb Felderer family home in Innsbruck, Austria. There to steal everything.

Did you get in contact with Sweden Foreign Minister, Carl Bildt, on this matter? If not, why not?

Is it possible to move your derriere away from your comfortable pew and once in your life get to work? Please don’t overstress you. Of course, I realize, work is not what you know. The gab is your way of working. So use it. Get in contact with Carl Bildt and let’s get this matter going and cleared up, and trace where the belongs have all gone to.


Ditlieb Felderer, February 10, 2014
SOURCE: El Pais, February 7, 2014

The Final Solution Dieudonne Quenelle in full hard-core reality is presented to all Censors and Thought Terrorists (TT). The return of sanity in an age of corruption, political terrorism and violence.
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