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Judaism and its Holocaust Extortion Cult, two Cults all must know about

There are two Cults which an informed person is forced to study up on. One is Jewry or Judaism, the other the Holocaust Extortion Cult

Exterminationism and the Cult’s infiltration of Western minded man

Michael Hoffman’s book is a must to get going:
Judaism Discovered

The Holocaust Extortion Cult, the HEC Cult of Exterminationism, and why the Holocaust Cult is a Sex Cult taken directly from oldest available manuscripts:
602_s” (2)

683_ “'” (3)
Former King of Spain, Juan Carlos 1, and Spain’s President, Mariano Rajoy, are inviting back all of Africa’s Sephardi Jews to Spain and automatically become Spanish Citizens. Over 300 Millions are now waiting for their Pensions and other benefits on equal basis. But one requirement seems to be the acceptance of War Crimes, Crimes Against Humanity, and Genocide, and the acceptance of Deuteronomy 6:10 and 11. Will Africa’s now over 300 million Sephardi Jews accept such a demand, or will only a select, and chosen small clique of fanatics loyal to the King and Rajoy be accepted?

The so called ‘Jewish Immigration’, the Aliyah, in actuality refers to the Olah Sex Cult, and the word Aliyah itself means the Olah erection movement, ‘the act of going up’. Hence, every Jew must Tabernacle their Olah, inside the Holy of Holies, to there fill the earth and subdue it by constant intercourse.

That Aliyah is a Sex Cult can be seen from the originator of the Holocaust Extortion Cult, the HEC Cult of Exterminationism, Stefan Szende. Stefan Szende was the first person who in book form realized that to kill Six Million Jews required special technical skills. One of those technical skills was also to survive a naughty Hitler who was out there to get all the embezzlers, money racketeers, and forgers of money and documents. And to find an argument why so many Communists survived Hitler for the sheer reason they had collaborated with him, he, begun to sell his ‘revelation’ that they survived because they had put onto their Circumcised Penises fresh new Foreskins which they apparently stole from the Poles and other unfortunate victims similar to those Whites losing their Scalps in American colonial time.

Holy King David was commanded by the Jewish Sex God Jehovah, the Mighty And Erect Penis In The Sky, to go out in warfare and grab hold of the Penises of the Philistines and bring the Penises back home as bridal gifts and Dildos, and, for the young girls of David and Saul’s royal court to enjoy. All this has a remarkable similarity to the act and art of Native Indians and Whites to grab hold of scalps. Here we see an Indian rejoicing over his hair trophy.

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