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Will the West with its New World Order bring Female Genital Mutilation to Europe as acceptable as Jewish Circumcision became?

Will the West with its New World Order war against Africa bring Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), Female Circumcision, to Europe?

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Europe through the pressure of Obama and his New World Order doctrine of Auschwitz For War is in a war against Africa today. Through deception and devious means the war is being obscured and with the help of Europe’s corrupt politicians and equally corrupt Media, Censored so the public are kept outside the actual events.

The act of cutting into female’s Genitals is also called Female Genital Cutting, Female Circumcision, Infibulation, Clitoridectomy, and other terms. In many of the African countries our corrupt politicians have sent us, Female Circumcision is done. Here is a map showing more or less how far this practice is done in Africa today:


From this map we can see that huge areas of Africa carry on Female Circumcision in one form or the other. That includes Male Circumcision of which Stefan Szende is the most known exponent with his war claims that Jews got hold of Foreskins and put them onto their Circumcised Penis to fool Hitler and escape the Final Solution.

Female Circumcision was not done at Auschwitz though cutting took place for medical and survival reason. The cutting of head hair was done to get rid of Head Lice, the cutting of female Genital hair was done to get rid of the Crab Louse, also called Pubic Hair Louse. Such Lice could venture as far as your eye lashes and cause extreme suffering to humans. How the Crab Louse is transmitted is argued upon. Some ask, could the Pubic Hair Lice be transmitted via the Auschwitz Swimming Pool? Or, would the swimming therein prevent such infestation?

In the below picture you will see how the female Genital is shaved clean so the Crab Lice can not get a grip on the hair in order to survive and reproduce. On the upper right, you see a picture of two Crab Lice and how they hold onto the hair.
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The above picture shows you how far Hitler would do his cutting. It went no further than that. Cutting into the Clitoris via Clitoridectomy or the inner or outer female Genital lips were never done at Auschwitz. Doctor Josef Mengele had other things to think about.

Western men have accused Africans of making African females ‘mentally castrated’ by doing FGM. Africans retort that African women are far more aware than European woman and call Europe’s political life as corrupt, violent, and hypocritical. Europeans think less than Africans and are more interested in football and watching the TV than actually working and creating. They call Western Man as being ‘mentally castrated’ besides they do not care much of anything but making money and sex.

Western man has also accused Africans by FGM mutilating their women as a ‘training ground for male violence.’ Africans retort that this is false propaganda. Obama sends his Drones killing women and children as do most of Europe, such as France, Denmark, Poland, Sweden, Norway, Italy, Spain, and other European countries. Multiple of violence have been carried on by these forces which the West seek to cover-up. They remind of the Abu Ghraib torture jails Bush Junior installed through his use of the Auschwitz For War Doctrine, Bush torture at Guantanamo, and the British and American forces barbarism at Iraq and elsewhere. They say Western men do this in spite of their females not being mutilated.

American forces have also cut off Trophies of fingers of Afghans and other body parts. Bradley Manning disclosed of unspeakable brutalities for which he was jailed. In other words, they throw back the ‘Morality Issue’ right onto Western man whom they call hypocrites for using such arguments.

Furthermore Africans point to the famous Stefan Szende’s New Foreskin On Circumcised Penis case. They ask: ‘Where did these Jews get all their Foreskins from? Did they steal them from the Poles? Or Germans? Thus violence was done all over Europe by people running and searching for Foreskins to rescue themselves and thereby become Holocaust Survivors.’ Such arguments Western man have so far not been able to rebut. Below is a picture of the Stefan Szende mutilation of Penis affair:
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Africans point out to the fact that all Christians agree to Bible Circumcision. They do not claim it was Evil by the Jewish Tribal God to demand Circumcision of every male in the Tribal regions. They considered a Foreskin as seat of Satan the Devil, of Satanic forces. So the Jews by believing such are accepted by the West. The West accuse Africans falsely for their belief of evil forces in female Genitals is bad, while honoring the Jews with their Satan in Foreskin Doctrine. The Christians even have a date in honor of Jesus’ Circumcision, the Day of Circumcision. Below is a picture of the Feast of the Circumcision of Jesus taken place on January 1 and which signified the Redemption Of Man:

Furthermore, Africans remind Christians of David who set out in violent acts to cut off Foreskins, and likely whole Penises of the Canaanites and brought them to their Tribal God Jehovah. All Christians deem this OK. Christians have never been called ‘violent’ for this. And Apostle Paul wished to cut off whole Sex organs of his critics. Again, full acceptance by Christians.

Furthermore, Africans point out that Female Circumcision was done in Europe with those doing it hardly being aware of African use. European women were Circumcised, having parts cut off. This was all based on Bible grounds. Christians viewed Masturbation as Evil and Devil possession and so Doctor Isaac Baker Brown, an English Gynaecologist and president of the Medical Society of London, claimed the female Clitoris and Inner Labia, as being centers of Devil’s habitat, and had them cut off to deliver women from the Devil and head onto Salvation of Christ and Heavenly Abode. Below you see a picture of Doctor Isaac Baker Brown who would cut off your Clitoris and Sex lips before you could count to three. He was co-founder of St. Mary’s Hospital in London.

It seems therefore logical to conclude, that, as the war against Africa intensifies, Europe will have to face reality and accept Female Circumcision as they have done with the Jewish Circumcision. Colonial wars are striking back!
SOURCE: El Pais, February 5, 2014:11

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  1. THE BUTCHERS OF WOMANHOOD- FGM ( THE COVENANT OF THE FLESH). When God told Abraham to sign the covenant of the flesh, he circumcised all the male children and he was circumcised. The message was direct and in plain language. GENESIS 17: 1-27. The agreement was strategically initiated and the male child grew beholding daily his agreement with God at every call of nature throughout his married life. The covenant of the flesh for a man is with ease to behold with no ill feelings or regrets without medication required afterwards in life. When God told Moses that the Children of Israel shall not circumcise girls, the message was well understood and was given in a spiritual language which bears two warnings Leviticus19:29-29. The Israelis parents shall not sexually mutilate daughters and fathers we commanded not have carnal knowledge (incest) of daughters making them prostitutes. Fgm prostitution is a prime satanic sacrifice for a woman, of secrecy with miseries and constrains of disgrace to behold accompanied by many cases of traumatic child delivery requiring medication. Fgm sin of crime of honor humiliation for womanhood persists for many girls globally. There is no open fold of a foreskin in a sexual organ of a woman to cut round that hides dirty stuffs that stinks. There are no undue growths that warrant cutting and scrapping in her sexual organ. There is no part of her sexual organ that rots as she grows old from childhood. Those who justify fgm benefits in any form are mare agents of satan in sheep skin. There are blunt lies of those women anointed by satan to propagate fgm when they claim women that are not cut stinks. Homes ,cities and countries where fgm is not practiced would have been stinking hell if their claim is true which would have been an open truth known by all. The devil is the father of lies and his accomplished do the falsehood. Fgm falsehood taught has remained guarded and guided in shrewd cover up of honored falsehood in fgm justification. If fgm has any level of cleanness then cleanness and holiness have lost reference value to some parents and men. There is no beauty of holiness in fgm to behold. There is Divine Holiness that belongs to children of God and Christians must know the truth to be free from being trapped in greatly justified fgm falsehood taught ,Ephesians4:11-14 Fgm is the most horrible heart breaking tribute to satanic sacrifice in parenthood accepted and appreciated by many communities. They have given parents prime choice of terror in fgm prostitution castration curse positive face value with wholesome none existent cleanliness which is mockery to wisdom and Word of truth unearthed today in plain language regarding the tear of the helm of womanhood in fgm. Fgm classified evils and justified heinous atrocities held by elites are the hard issues of formidable sin of horror of honor firmly held in terror that reign on globally for many girls which many parents are unable to do away with in life in satanic cultural sacrifice justification. Can parents live to deliver dignified Holy honor to a girl child or they access and assert a girl child is sexually demonically born wild thus the need to sexually tame her in fgm the fruit of cultural atrocities and honored cultural religious prostitution castration. The messy treacherous carnage seat of satan in fgm by parents should not be given any form of cover up in loved fgm honor.
    Today those women who favor crippling the heartbeat of womanhood in fgm and in fear of their marriages endangered under attack by unfolding truth on falsified physical and spiritual beneficial issues acclaimed in fgm, all they have is to keep their husbands mentally caged in epic cultural lies and remain relevant to their husbands without divine knowledge. Today it will be double tragedy for girls who have undergone fgm when men change their sexual orientation in favor of girls without the evil cultural cut. Even when some advocate for not cutting much for her benefits and the husband benefit ,this vindicate the opening door of intended sexual deprivation and suppression for the girl child bearing all the shortcomings of fgm. When some women vouch for safe mother child delivery, the devil is in front with others women in destroying the very gate way of safe mother child delivery system in fgm making the sexual organs of girls the arena of social morality without iota of remorse. Parents pay homage to satan in fgm. In old days old women who had undergone fgm used to pass direct messages to young men initiates that a woman once she grows old the man if he wants and wishes to marry another woman he should do so and not disturb her. It was clear message for the young men that past child bearing age they were not readily available for their husbands at their matrimonial bed. It were as though women were more for procreation value only. If uncircumcised was married, they called for her circumcision since she was sexually like a strong magnet to their husband and they needed him less of her. At a time in life when economic reality and faith in God turned men away from cultural way of live, some women left the matrimonial abode. Was it a secret? No. During the transformation and the transition period for the Christianity , the effects of abandoning polygamous marriages for Christians were clear evidence known. Women spent time to visit their married children and left the husbands abandoned alone. It was a sacrifice the early Christian husbands who were in monogamous marriages had to bear. The clergy would call women not to leave husbands behind. The matrimonial issues affecting the women due to fgm were put under the carpet for the deserving wises parents to discern. Women were literally running away from their matrimonial homes. Some women ended in unexplained controversial marital conflicts with husbands in their old age for men ended in undue marital frustrations. This brought the impetuous for the wise deserving Christian parents to abandon fgm prostitution castration carnage. Women in polygamous marriages passed the burden of fgm prostitution castration generation curse to young married women. Parents virtually determine the full aspiration of satanic goals in fgm honor. Fgm evils honored and cerebrated cannot be accepted as holiness foundations for girls.
    Fgm destroys the natural glorious lustrous beauty of womanhood which men are able to note today. During fgm initiation ceremonies, immoral cultural songs are accepted and openly sang for a satanic banquet. Fgm remains the formidable honorable sin of choice favored by many parents globally enslaved by satan. Let men love those ladies who have under gone the awful risk of unkind cut in Christ’s Love that bonds on love. Let those ladies not condemn themselves . Let them abound in dignified liberty that is in Christ Jesus and enjoy full life and do away with satanic barbaric fgm for their daughters. Fgm castration is done without Divine dignity for womanhood but more hedged on man’s satanic sexual superiority sort endeavors in perfecting horror of justified atrocities in fgm. The devil has his own even among the smart elites in every society that will justify various forms of fgm atrocities at religious and medical levels at all costs. Falsehoods based on fgm evils clarified and justified by elites are the hardest issues to deal with and come out of them in life. Fgm is a demonic act associated with the existent of parenthood and the devil who has given it a religious backing a cover up of deceptive acceptance in destroying the bridge of womanhood. There are women who have undergone fgm and they hold and tell the bear truth on issues based on fgm. May God Almighty shower them with blessings of fortitude of grace to forbear the deprivations done in fgm. In fgm prostitution persecution castration parents are engaged in a clear active respectable satanic open sacrifice. They indulge themselves in orgy of mutilating the very womanhood of their own girl child for none existing morality for God. Fgm is the smart satanic strategic morality sacrifice hidden tragically and endorsed by many parents across all social status around the world. Parents have their own zeal of faith in fgm and have established their own righteousness not according to righteousness of God in the knowledge of his Word. Roman 10:1-4. Parents spearhead the immoral act in fgm which is a covenant of flesh and blood with satan for society morality acceptance whereby girls loose the natural thread and tread of lustrous beauty of womanhood to satan. Many fathers are bonded and bound by it and sink to abyss of solemn silence even when children and youth raise a protest the battle of minds against the terror of fgm castration persecution. Satan has for generations perfectly cushioned fgm in many families parenthood which is un institution of tender care and love as the acceptable way of life. It is the time Satan tragically prevails in honor in parenthood. Fgm is the parental dear paradox regarding girls chastity at their approved sexual disability for the girls. On fgm sin enslavement , fathers play the pivot role in sexually crippling their daughters behind the scene having been entangled and snared by Satan as it were with Eve and Adam in garden of Aden. There are parents comfortably settled down on mutilating their young girls for community social acceptance and honor at families managed altar of satan. This defeats any iota of holy love and care for the girl child under felony of fgm, bawling for mercy when heaped on her shoulders empty promises bearing the burden of the family and the society morality placed on her very womanhood in the heinous destructive fgm operation of honor.
    In fgm operation, parents are heartless and lack ornaments of a holly heart. The formidable focused aggressive force against womanhood in fgm from her very parent is beyond many girls ability to withstand as the gilrl child is dispossessed of her womanhood. The mother’s love towards her girl child, in change of events is full of momentarily intimidation to her uncut state seen as unclean . They are faithful dependable apostles and ministers of satan bound in perpetuating fgm who taunt young girls on their uncut status which is a state of social mental torture for some hard to bear. Finally some face the martyrdom of womanhood in fgm for demonic cultural purity cleansing acceptance . To them, immorality is put to an end. The devil’s strike on womanhood is immortalized in a cultural religious ceremony given a cover up of wholesome acceptance by elders present us custodian pillars of demonic cultural sexual slavery. No earthly education and knowledge can save un ill-fated girl child from fgm with satanic fgm supper elites supporters beside her who have institutionalized women and their sex organs as the center of all evils on earth. It takes two to tangle. Men should stop having holy than though attitude and stop back setting all evils to womanhood in order to justify fgm as Adam did in the Garden of Aden when he blamed God and Eve for his sin. The filth of fgm honor is in the hands of parents and men. Men ought to seek holiness and all cleanness in Divine state. Fgm is a wrong and a sin on earth and in heaven. There is a narrow highway for Christian to follow in righteousness. There is no love or justice in fgm. Men have sought satanic refuge in fgm for their weak incompatible immoral sexual stand. In fgm, men’s protracted fear of women sexuality in Divine order is waged in fgm atrocities. They assert that God is wrong for providing girls with more active evil sexual organs not equal to men and the demonic mission of taming girls and women sexually is hatched by men for satanic cultural immoral quest for righteousness in God. Effectively men who support fgm have morally justified themselves as sexual weaklings before God and wome sexual joy from a girl child with no remorse. Girls who face the evil cut become prostitutes on altar of satan sadly without their consent which pollutes the land. Magicians and witches in the world do not make girls prostitutes. But parents by subjecting girls to fgm make them prostitutes and are worse than them. Parents have soiled their hands in fgm honorary .Humanity has been subject to satanic celebrated sacrifice in fgm prostitution beyond imaginations in many families among generations. The evil cutting is done in honor of the dead. Leviticus 19:28-29. This type of prostitution cannot be cleansed in marriage life . She bought her prostitution with her flesh, bone and blood on altar of Satan while still In her flower age when facing all evil forces under her parental care. Unless she gets saved (call upon the blood of CHRIST to cleanse her.John3:16-18, Isaiah1:18) she shall go to her grave a prostitute . Thus there were no sexual mutilations among the Israelis women. Parents zeal uphold the present atrocities in fgm sexual cultural slavery even when in Christian Churches. The great social value of fgm virginity by parents is purely demonic. Fgm stands out as the souvenir icon testimony for parents and men in satanic world. Men hold the final fate for girls in fgm abandonment. Time is up know for Christians to consolidate firm actions to end satanic sacrifice in fgm globally. Fgm crippling atrocities brings tensions and strains in married Christian life.
    The Girl child was bought up in divine order leaving the petals and stay of love intact for a beloved wise husband core co-benefits. She remained a garden fenced , a spring shut up and blessed in sealed divine state. A woman to man she is a garden and a fountain. The man plants a seed and a child grows in the womb and is born. The man quench his marital thirst with her in shared joy for woman is a keeper at home. A fountain with a cover has more flesh safe water than uncovered well. A fenced garden has a defense and is a safe comfort. Song of Solomon 5:1-2. Song of Solomon 4:12, Proverbs 5:18-19. The banner of love is at even state over the garden of love at Divine state when his hand lands at the garden of love to prop it up undisturbed as the king of marriage mark and flag the fleshy coals for un intimate marital relationship in common joy. Song of Solomon 2:2-5. Man is instructed by God not to be immoral or do any severe harm to his wife of his youth and give her conjugal wrights and benefits in shared joy as one body in common control. Malachi2;12-17. 1 Corinthians7:1-5. The devil has vested harbored honorable demonic powers to some parents to permanently control and deform girls sexual organs in fgm castration atrocities before marriage for demonic chastity status acceptance which leaves man sexually morally dry and at a loose. Circumcision in man does not destroy his body integrity and his sexual ability articulation base remains intact ready for joy. Fgm remains a deadly liability to girls’ spiritual and physical live. Nothing more satisfying against fgm than hearing present generation of fathers say that they will never allow their daughters to be mutilated and forfeit their marital joy. Fgm lacks Godly Holy Spiritual integrity of parents and reflects men dedicated atrocities on womanhood with no compassion for womanhood. The issue of Christian men against fgm is not an affront confrontation on wives measure to sexual expectation of their husbands but a reality. A woman is not only a woman by her looks but by her Divine sexual prospects based integrity bestowed upon her that are destroyed in satanic shrines of fgm . In fgm, a girl child is widowed of her womanhood for satanic cultural cleansing. Open Christian discussion on marital issues have resulted on elderly Christians men confessing clearly they have difficult love relationship with women who had gone fgm. When the redemption and sanctification of men is completed from spiritual poverty and slavery in fgm, girls who had the evil cut will be socially disadvantaged. Christian men do not put any Christian value to fgm. In Christian meetings women become agitated and extremely restless to present of husbands during fgm eradication teachings. If fgm had any value to their husbands, they would not resent husbands being present. Men must remain mentally culturally caged to fgm slavery for women to maintain safely cultural polygamous marriages. To end fgm, it requires full engagement of men in open discussion to put to a worthless dead end required perceived fgm cultural atrocities benefits by men in marriages . The devil has directed women to undergo soft bone and thick dense muscles mutilation. God directed a foreskin removal for man as a covenant for him and God. Fgm remains sacrilege to womanhood in honor of the dead. In fgm ,parents’ cultural promises die out and the demonic world open her gates wide for the girl child and closes them behind her back as she leaves the alter of Satan empty handed for the rest of her life time. This is the satanic torture for a girl child has to face to satisfy the demonic cultural purity acceptance. Can the young men and girls muscle enough will power and do away with fgm prostitution forced down their lives by the old generation? Yes, they can since they are strong with an open clear mind. They have the divine provision of a happy marriage within their reach. Their marriage belong to them and not to their parents. Your obedience to parents stays anchored within the practices of Godly confined boundaries ,Ephesians 6:1-4. God says you are strong and you can overcome the wicked one. 1 John2:14. We must hold the Word of God within its content and contest lest or we be found to have contempt for the Word of God. Fgm prostitution defeat any Godly purpose for it. The sin of fgm castration is in the harbor of men and fathers hearts who hold firmly the filthy fgm as a stronghold for their source of morality enrichment support from womanhood castration. The faith of man in God cannot be rooted and stayed in mutilated sex of a woman for him to remain holy in God. Fgm remains the worst religious dogma with elite religious support. This has falsely given satan the upper arm in force religions. Parents will have their daughters physically but emotionally detached from them in their old age a dilemma and a surprise to some. Their silent heart acre of lack of mutual trust between their daughters will go down to their old age. A great social rift is emerging among the youths and old generation based on increased abundant interactive active knowledge on whole evil issues based on fgm with youth calling for social justice in ending fgm. Fgm is more of a satanic sexual life style for man. Men must break free overnight from long overdue cultural desert edge of fgm atrocities and roll back the sheet of fgm loose to historical events. How is it that others forces have to come in to stop parents determined in subjecting their girls from fgm atrocities brutality? Where is the binding code of love and Divine wisdom for their daughters?
    Can any clergy support fgm prostitution ? Only those taught by apostles and ministers of Satan can support fgm prostitution . Fgm exercise the most Dignified unreserved beastly cultural atrocities subjected on womanhood which is the deadly yoke of Satan hidden in parenthood for demonic chastity acceptance. Corinthians11:13-15. NO FGM WITH GOD. Fgm prostitution bleeds horrible sorrows and suffering for a woman in her life time . Fgm is more compounded by the clergy indifference to girls plight in fgm which gives parents face saving value before their children. When the mind of the man child is redeemed from fgm prostitution castration acts and fathers break the deadly terror of silence against the inherent morally disgusting and offensive fgm prostitution then it will be the natural death of fgm. Fgm prostitution has evaded men perspective of Divine Holiness in God. Men have subjected women to brutal evil discovered cultural slavery and sexual deprivation of marital joy in fgm as a precondition for love and marriage. This is a demonic and the most hypocritical selfish life style for men on earth when their hearts breeds absolute anarchy and evils for women left desperate and defenselessly cornered by onslaught of fgm .When faithful Abraham the father of faith was commanded by God to be circumcised at99 years old with his son Ishmael at thirteen years old, he obeyed God. Sarah and Hagar were not circumcised or any girl child since there is no women circumcision with God. It was a clear instruction and Abraham obeyed Jehovah God instructions to the letter. GENESIS 17: 1-27. When will it dawn on parents that they are in demonic world together with magicians and witches in fgm? Parents only way out of this demonic trap is to reconcile back to God together with their daughters by asking for forgiveness and get saved. Since in fgm the girl child is sacrificed in historical generation to generation prostitution and plunder on womanhood bound in cultural respect and honor for the benefits of the man child concealed nonexistent benefits ,the man child ought to be brought in the front line to fights fgm empowered with wholesome active knowledge of all ills involved in fgm prostitution. The life time miseries the girl child goes through in fgm prostitution is not a gift to a man child. Parents have subjected their girls to fgm satanic slavery without remorse. Fgm was designed to deliver brutal sexual crippling to a girl child from her very womanhood. The liberation struggle against fgm must start with the young men as the deciding factor in fgm eradication and abandonment. Fgm prostitution castration atrocities are dedicated to men which is demonically wrong. Youths have to free themselves from cultural sexual slavery in fgm prostitution banqueted for them by old generation for their none existent spiritual and physical well-being phase out. In fgm prostitution parents are more entrenched in demonic world together with witches and magicians turning the sexual organ of woman into an institution of satanic honored reverence.
    Fgm is a cultural faith based moral issue in a society more often given religious cover up. It is the deadly beastly yoke of Satan on womanhood. Satan activities have camouflaged themselves as Godly believers among believers telling them they assist them in holiness in fgm. In fgm, the satanic world is strengthened by parents. If we have to stop fgm it cannot be based only on negative side effects inherited by fgm. Since it is a cultural faith based issue one can decide to live bearing all sufferings that come with fgm. It is known even clinically trained personnel perform fgm with full background firsthand knowledge of all sufferings associated with fgm. They are well paid by those who thirst to satisfy they cultural based faith attachment in fgm even contrary to moral standards of Godly believers. When fgm is involved ,God is of secondary important to them. It is the time Satan is supreme in their lives when all demonic forces raise against the defenseless girl child. The clergy have more work to do in preaching having to bring parents and young men on board to the full knowledge of the Word of God concerning fgm. Young men know God told Moses in Spiritual language that fgm is a Satanic sacrifice for non- believers hidden and preserved in parenthood for acceptance. Leviticus 19:28-29. Young men if you are presented with a virgin sexually muted in fgm and a virgin who has her divine splendor of her sex organ intact, who would you choose a wife having stood the test of faith in Godly manner? The clergy cannot live as though no Satanic sacrifices are performed on the girl child in fgm. Young men have reality faith in God that you share a wife with Satan in fgm. In fgm parents break the spiritual and physical integrity well-being of their daughters. It is all known some men dare not speak against fgm for it propel them to social political powers. The parents and the whole families supports are dear to them thus they endear themselves us champion of fgm support as a cultural heritage. Their enthronements to social powers are fueled by blood and flesh of young girls thus weakening laws passed to ban fgm. The young girls fate hang out of balance since she cannot count on rescue even from her dear brothers. Her fate is sealed in dying hourly hope by those who thirst and hunger for her flesh and blood for the injustice of the beloved parents is openly awful cruel. It is in the hour of need when a father turns a cold shoulder to his girl child and commit her to Satan in fgm prostitution castration atrocities . The girl child lives with unresolved burning reserved resentments against her parents but all they see is well to their eyes. When faithful Abraham the father of faith was commanded by God to be circumcised at 99 years old with his son Ishmael at thirteen years old, he obeyed God. Sarah and Hagar were not circumcised or any girl child since there is no women circumcision with God. It was a clear instruction and Abraham obeyed Jehovah God instructions to the letter. GENESIS 17: 1-27. When will it dawn on parents that they are in demonic world together with magicians and witches in fgm? Parents only way out of this demonic trap is to reconcile back to God together with their daughters by asking for forgiveness and get saved. Since in fgm the girl child is sacrificed and merchandised in historical generation to generation prostitution and plunder on womanhood bound in cultural respect and honor for the benefits of the man child concealed nonexistent benefits ,the man child ought to be brought in the front line to fights fgm empowered with wholesome integrated active interactive knowledge of all ills involved in all forms of fgm castration prostitution . The life time miseries the girl child goes through in fgm castration prostitution is not a gift to a man child. Parents must know they shall account before God on satanic sacrifice performed in fgm in the final day of judgment . Fgm prostitution bleeds horrible sorrows and suffering for a woman in her life time. When the mind of the man child is redeemed from the grip of filthy fgm prostitution acts and fathers break the deadly terror of silence against the inherent morally disgusting and offensive fgm prostitution castration curse then it will be the natural death of fgm.
    It is awkward that laws are enacted to stop parents from performing fgm. Men and women of upright minds come together to stop atrocities done to a girls child by her own parents, un issue parents would have stopped on learning the suffering girls go through in fgm and after fgm. Instead of her finding parental love and care, she is ushered into brutality against her very womanhood. Fgm has been used as a disciplined measure against women by sexually crippling them against perceived climes they have never committed. If fgm instill holiness in women as paramount foundation for a holy life before marriage and in marriage, then there would never be divorce in marriages where women have undergone fgm. This notion stipulate the mutilated sex organ of a woman as center of holiness and un institution of worship since in it mutilated state chastity can be delivered. It would mean men loosing personal holiness in God and having secondary holiness in God received from mutilated sex organ of a woman there by making the sex of a woman a center of worship. This is demonic way of thinking and practice in life. Fgm has zero benefit for a man and a woman. Fgm suppresses libido for a woman in marriage .She is not adventurous in sexual relationship and the man takes the marriage supper under set rules to hind her shortcoming in love .It makes a woman a land without fence and a well without a cover. It is a barbaric culture imposed on womanhood by parents and the society at large .Song of Solomon 4:1-2. Men make fgm a scapegoat for their immorality. Men have wrongly pegged their dignity in faith in God to the sex organ of a woman. A woman body in Divine state is a natural refresher for the man in trace of his Holy Creator. Men should appreciated they are delivered safely to the world from the womb and should never wage waves of wars of atrocities against womanhood. Men can break the cultural religious zeal in fgm for the dignity of the girl child. Fathers bear the absolute responsibilities in delivering girls to the platform of victory against fgm predicaments. When fathers say no to fgm without seemingly taking the back seat ,young men are automatically on board against fgm. Fgm is the chronic moral disorder in a man bonded to satan in culture. Fgm was started by men as a tool of sexual deprivation and suppression in womanhood in war of virgins waged by men who later brought it forward to women to propagate it in inherent zeal unknown before. Where is even the spiritual virginity of girls mutilated by men in martyrdom of womanhood?
    If a man has to be circumcised in the Church of Christ, he should join our sisters in spiritual circumcision for all that is salvation. Colossians 2: 8-12. Roman2:28-29, . Can a wise man pride himself before God counting the benefits of marrying a prostitute? In Church of Christ, only uncultured men in Godly practices, uncouth, no witty and demonic sadist will applaud sexual mutilation of young girls. Leviticus 19:28-29. FGM is the perennial curse for the girl child and the land. The land is polluted and all evils come to the nation. FGM defeats any Godly purpose for it . Can any clergy support FGM? Only those taught by apostles and ministers of Satan can support FGM. FGM exercise the most Dignified Unreserved Beastly Cultural Atrocities on womanhood, which is the deadly yoke of Satan hidden in parenthood for demonic chastity acceptance. Corinthians11:13-15. NO FGM WITH GOD. When faithful Abraham the father of faith was commanded by God to be circumcised at 99 years old with his son Ishmael at thirteen years old, he obeyed God. Sarah and Hagar were not circumcised or any girl child since there is no women circumcision with God. It was a clear instruction and Abraham obeyed Jehovah God instructions to the letter. GENESIS 17: 1-27. Man cannot seek Holy Almighty God in mirror of fgm castration. The sin of fgm castration is in the harbor of men and fathers hearts who hold firmly fgm as a stronghold for their source of morality enrichment support and for women. The faith of man in God cannot be rooted and stayed in mutilated sex of a woman for him to remain holy in God. Fgm remains the worst religious dogma with elite religious support. This has given satan the upper arm in false forceful religions. Man must stand on his two feet and seek his relationship with his Holly Creator not based on sin of having his hand on a firm filthy grip in mayhem of butchering womanhood and melting away behind the scene after fgm castration. Man is outwitted by the devil in fgm The end of fgm is simple. When fathers decide that they will not sacrifice their daughter to satan in fgm and men decide they will not have fgm in marriage, that will usher to ultimate celebrated end of fgm. There is no trade without customers. Fgm was a satanic sacrifice done by men and today done for men perceived benefits . Men have traded fgm with satan for sexual supremacy over women for generations immemorial. When men do away with fgm, there will be no more fgm atrocities blood bath. This is the way forward for men who stand in truth and just righteousness who acknowledge and live in purpose of Divine knowledge in Divine wisdom order. The church must delink herself from the satanic sacrifice of fgm in honor of the dead which is un idol to man in womanhood.
    Men should not enter into marriage in seeking vain glory of sexual competition with women which raises gain to fgm prostitution castration for men to attain sexual superiority over women since it is a Divine given equally shared joy. There should be no sexual militancy in man in marriage life. Men should not take pleasure in sexually humiliating and hurting women in fgm prostitution castration persecution . This is a demonic and the most hypocritical selfish life style for a man on earth when his heart breeds absolute anarchy and evils for womanhood. Men should not seek selfish cultural sexual competition inclinations which make women vulnerable to fgm castration atrocities. Fgm prostitution is a satanic prime reward sacrifice more tied to man as the enforcer but he does not bear the physical scaring scars sufferings women go through silently with physiological scars and no Christian should apply it in life. Christian should eliminate FGM with ability given to us by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for in him there are no generation curses. By instinct his hand lands at the garden of love and joy to prop it up at Divine state how foolish he may be. God Himself told Moses that the Israelis fathers shall not subject their daughters to fgm in honor of the dead or have sex with them making them prostitutes. Leviticus 19:28-29. Fgm is a Satanic sacrifice involving blood, soft bone and flesh and parents are more bonded to demonic world by sacrificing their girl child in fgm. It is hypocritical and mockery for parents in Church of Christ to spend their early marriage live in double standards life to perpetuate FGM and live in their twilight years as devoted loving caring parents close to the clergy having soiled their hands with the blood of their daughters in a well-planned time staged managed shedding of blood, soft bones and flesh of their daughters in fgm in early marriage life as she wade through the jungle of life for demonic chastity sacrifice acceptance . Will ever parents fathom from the bottom of their hearts the unjust physical and spiritual injuries inflicted in fgm? The girl child is deprived of her authority and integrity of her womanhood in fgm. In demonic world where men believe in their objective holiness gain for humanity based on fgm precarious life they remain at peace undisturbed . Parents pride themselves in fgm for tearing down the defense and fences of the marriage court a sacrifice to Satan. Women and girls are given to demonic world morality in fgm at the will of men which bind men more to satanic world. They do not pride and delight themselves in God. But GOD can never be mocked. Some men force their daughters to undergo fgm under guise of their mothers pressure and pleasure forgetting there are no curses for those who are in Christ Jesus. Galatians3:10-14, Proverb26:1-2. It is quite evident when parents are clothed in cultural honor in fgm moral slavery siege that they remain ready to sacrifice their daughters in fgm for demonic binding community social acceptance. Fgm is the historical prostitution and plunder of womanhood bound in cultural prostitution castration respect and honor.
    For now wisdom desire for understanding, rescue and redemption of parents enslaved in cultural prostitution castration of their daughters in demonic culture of fgm. Let Christian parents know that fgm is a satanic sacrifice with no spiritual physical benefits or Holly honor at all. Fgm remains a monster in the hands of parents caught captive and enslaved in demonic world of fgm culture which the clergies are not able to handle effectively spiritually. Some religious leaders lack of spiritual knowledge that the Bible prohibits fgm has given lukewarm attitude towards fgm thus giving parents face saving values which helps the perpetuation and legitimizing of the heinous act of fgm carnage among Christians . This is the soft accommodation landing ground for many culturally strong willed parents in fgm without bashing and brushing from the preaching fraternity. When the religious leaders have a firm stand against fgm, it will be the drastic end of sexual disability in fgm brutality among Christians around the world. Fgm satanic sacrifice in cultural honor has profound ramifications on womanhood spiritually and physically which is given a walkover by satan. Fgm reveals the state of mind for men in cultural sexual slavery on womanhood.
    Come and be renewed at the throne of grace for Christ is full of love and mercy for your free sanctification and redemption. The cradle of hope in Christ Jesus radiates the inner person in peace who forgives in perfect love and cannot be deformed. Let the abundant love of Christ prevail in your yielding enabling life of righteousness in Christ Jesus. His unfailing love full of grace is sufficient for your triumph future without compromise. The Church is cleansed and perfectly restored for His own glory. Love covers multitudes of sins and weakness . Jehovah God break the yoke of Satan in fgm prostitution castration atrocities at family pillars for the fulfillment of your internal glory. AMEN.
    The message is freely given purely to the body of JESUS CHRIST worldwide.
    Bro. Robert Munyui Kamunyu

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