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The case of Los Legionarios are causing real problems not for the Pope, but for Christianity

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Los Legionarios, the Pope, and the Roman Catholic Church

Los Legionarios are much more a problem for the Pope and the Roman Catholic Church than we think.

It puts in fact in question most of Christianity

Christianity has given MORAL as its reason and ‘right’ for conquering the world through the Gospel. It believes itself to be superior to any thought based on Morale. This music begun with the Jews and their Conquest of Canaan. Once they made Egypt into a huge Nudist Camp, their next step was Canaan. Their tribal God Jehovah promised much goodies there. ‘Milk and Honey’ they called it.

The case of the Los Legionarios shows that Christianity is in real problem with their ‘Holy Bible’. The Bible Faithfuls have only been able to pull this yarn over our eyes due to Censorship. Thus the Clergy needed rulers to help it stamp out any sign showing the Bible not to be a book of moral, but amoral.

It is interesting to note how States and Church are all sick at the same moment. Europe is in a crises with Political thefts. Thievery of public money has gone on rampantly for years. Those corrupt politicians involved are not castigated. Not removed, but carry on as if nothing has happened. Instead they talk about renewal. Refreshing the System and make it start from beginning. And they say so while they are telling us Africa needs our troops to carry out Morale there. A new Christian Crusade.

This they do in order to calm the public. To make them forget. To tranquilize them for the Show must go on.

At the same time this happens the Church is also in crisis. And here it involves both money and Sex. Sex with kids has been going on as long as the Church existed. Bible portions show even some rather strange things about Jesus and his Apostles.

And so, while the State proclaims itself sick and need of refreshment and renewal the Church does likewise. There it is talk of ‘purifying’ the Church System. Again, the motive is evident. To calm the Churchgoers. Cover-up the problems and hope that people forget and go back to the same old music. This has been going on from the start of the State and Christianity which came out of Judaism, and which the Jewish Historian Josephus proclaimed to be a Cosa Nostra, a Crime Syndicate. A Murder Incorporated. And how can such be ‘renewed’? How can such be ‘refreshed? And the ‘renewal’ and ‘purification’ is called ‘Revival’ by the Fundamentalists.

Maybe our Salvation does not depend on either Church or State? Maybe then we have a better choice of survival. At least we are doing no harm to anyone.
SOURCE: El Pais, February 7, 2014:36

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