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Sweden caught lying once more!

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The Sweden Crime Syndicates of Sweden Foreign Office and Justitiekanslern

A Document they wished never came to light

A Document emerges indicating the Criminal nature of the Sweden Foreign Office and the Sweden Justitiekanslern

The secret Cosa Nostra Crime Syndicate slyly operating in Sweden through its draconian Censorship, set up to protect the Mafia Kahal

The Sweden ‘Justitiekanslern’ is Sweden’s Fahrenheit 451 Book Burning Office. It allows Sweden to bootstep into homes and take it over. Steal any family item, photographs, albums, books, etc. It allows the police to secretly take over the home, rape your wife and children, eat your food, sleep and have sex in your home. Most of which happened in the Crime Syndicate assault of Crime Against Humanity act against Ditlieb Felderer in Sweden.

Here now, for first time, a document reveals that Sweden applies separate laws depending on money status. Thus a Scot, David Clark, accused the Sweden Zionist paper Dagens Nyhter for racism, and making Scots out as normal and habitual thieves. Sweden law Mobster, Bertil Werner, a renowned violator of Free Speech, takes the case. His job depends on the same Zionist paper which is accused and for whom he works.

His decision is against David Clark. And he now states reasons totally contrary to those the same Cosa Nostra Crime Syndicate outlet made against Ditlieb Felderer and Ahmed Rami whom the Zionists oppose.

If you know Swedish, read this drivel by the Fahrenheit 451 Arsonist and Book Burner, Bertil Werner. It is an astounding eye-opener how the Sweden judiciary operates in reality and behind the scene. Why did they hide this damning document for so long?


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