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Question under Fire: When one is in Hell is it forbidden to play with matches?

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QUESTIONS UNDER FIRE: When one is in Hell is it forbidden to play with matches?

Russian media Dohzd under fire for asking if the German assault on Leningrad of World War 2 with its many deaths should have been avoided by giving in

Every country has its prohibited question and all religions have prohibited questions such as: Did Jesus Have and Erection, Was Jesus a Homosexual, Did Jesus have Sex, Did Jesus have a Penis? Did Jesus masturbate?

Is the Jewish ‘Holocaust’ a hoax was once forbidden question, now everybody asks it.

SOURCE: El Pais, February 5, 2014:6

The word HOLOCAUST can mean Sexual Fire as song, RING OF FIRE, Rut, Heat. Consumed in heated love affair.

So the controversy over Dohzd never ends.

Send us your ‘forbidden question’ and we will include it on ditlieb-radio as we go along.

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