El Pais reports on massive Censorship by Franco Spain of Nobel Prize winner Camilo Jose Cela

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The Censorship of Camilo Jose Cela by Franco Spain

The Censorship of Ditlieb Felderer by blogspot.com

El Pais of February 7, 2014:1, 40, 41, writes of the extreme Censorship of Nobel Prize winner Camilo Jose Cela focusing on his book La Colmena. It is really a chocking example of what Censorship and Dictatorial regimes lead to. But a lot more was Censored, so this is just a speck of paint obliterated by Extremists.

Years later, blogspot.com Censors and destroys thousands of pictures by Ditlieb Felderer and his writings, without blogspot.com giving any reason. ditliebfelderer.blogspot.com was obliterated more easily than those of Camilo Jose Cela. Who these individuals of blogspot.com were who censored we will never know, nor their motives, just as we will never find out those censors of Camilo Jose Cela.

One was Censored through political regime and police power, the other, by Corporate might. Any difference?

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