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What are false and what are genuine of the Rudolf Hoss alleged handwritings?

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What are false and what are genuine of the Rudolf Hoss alleged handwritings?

Was and is, Ditlieb Felderer, the first person outside the Iron Curtain who saw the Rudolf Hoss HANDWRITINGS, the only one to photograph them, and the first one to question them?

Ditlieb Felderer on the alleged Rudolf Hoss (also spelled Hoess) handwriting as they were shown to him at Auschwitz Vomitorium by Tadeusz Iwasko. Iwasko later died in a mysterious car accident.

I can not state if what I was shown was in fact the handwriting of Rudolf Hoss. All I know is, that I do not know anyone writing a book like this. What I was shown and photographed was written in pencil, faultlessly written down as if by a robot. With pencil writing anything can easily be altered at will. I stated at the time that this can not be the ORIGINAL writing for no one writes like that, why it was written in pencil, and, that this material I was shown was not the ORIGINAL but neatly written out as the final work to the publisher. I wanted the writing exact as Rudolf Hoss must have written them and not a polished up version. I was keen on comparing the various handwriting. Tadeusz Iwasko who handed me the material seemed surprised as if it was for the first time he had noticed the absurdity of it being the ORIGINAL and told me he had nothing else. Asked about if the original material may be in Soviet Union, he could not tell. Martin Broszat never saw any ORIGINAL material. He was given photographed pages done by the Communist secret agent office at Warsaw at whose head in my time there, was, Czeslaw Pilichowski who was in constant war with Simon Wiesenthal, accusing Simon Wiesenthal to be a German Nazi Collaborator.

The alleged Rudolf Hoss book and handwriting has no longer historical value except for finding out Doctrinal alterations of a Cult. After the Gallows Door Doctrine upon which the Hoss alleged book is built, was changed to the Corpse Door Doctrine, that means that everything in that book and the subsequent construction of a major Cult is false. You either have a factual Hoss book upon which the Gallows Doctrine is structured, or you have a genuine Corpse Door Doctrine which would make the Hoss alleged book with its Gallows Door Doctrine false which makes Hoss false. It is either one or the other. Pilgrims were specifically told in times the Communists were running the place, that what they were told and shown were built upon documents of which the Rudolf Hoss book was the most important. I specifically asked, if I was openly challenging that preaching, if I run the risk of going to jail, and the answer was yes. So serious was the Gallows Door Doctrine. For how did I dare? It was all built on Rudolf Hoss! Totally secure and reliable, they reminded me. I was told the ‘gallows’ were authentic and it showed the precise spot where the Martyrs entered and that was the reason the ‘origal gallows’ was still there to remind people of that fact.

DITLIEB FELDERER: As I was not shown the original source I do not accept what I was shown was the handwriting belonging to Rudolf Hoss. The fault lays with the Exterminationists who seemed to have no reason to get at the original source, much less in studying the various handwriting.

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