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The Jewish Sonderkommando in Swedish

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Click the below interview in Swedish language and you hear how former Jewish Sonderkommando, Rabbi Cohen, worked inside the Gas Chamber at Auschwitz. The Jewish Sonderkommando were those who arranged and did all the killing. At Stalin Holy Shrine of Auschwitz Vomitorium, the Jewish Sonderkommando butchered over 4 million anti-Capitalist Martyrs, mostly of their own Jewish race. For this they got condoms and women’s underwear, because, the Jewish Sonderkommando craved women’s underwear.

The Jewish Sonderkommando were not Antisemites for doing all the killing of Six Million Jews because Jehovah God, the Jewish tribal God, was the greatest Antisemite himself, and he had warned them he would exterminate the Jewish people because of their lust for Sex and money. You can read about this at Deuteronomy 28:15 and following verses, and at other Bible places. In fact, the Bible mentions more about killing Jews than about Salvation.

One of the most famous Jewish Sonderkommando; and he just loved the Auschwitz Brothel and female underwear, that was Filip Muller, who, for a long time was the darling of Wikipedia, until they discovered they were saluting a Serial Killer, Ethnic Cleanser, and Genocide monster, and so the whole Wikipedia article got changed. Even his face was taken away.

The interview below with Jewish Sonderkommando, Rabbi Cohen, is in Swedish language:

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