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German Wikipedia falsifies information on ‘Holocaustleugnung’, Holocaust Denial

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Wikipedia in German languages falsifies information about ‘Holocaustleugnung’, Holocaust Denial

Wikipedia Denies that that word was first used by Ditlieb Felderer back in the 1970’s

Ditlieb Felderer used the word to identify such things as the Denial of the Auschwitz Swimming Pool, the Auschwitz Canteen where Condoms were bought, the Communist Brothel existing at Auschwitz, the Denial of the Greek Sex origin of the word HOLOCAUST, the Denial that the Stalin Holy Shrine, the Denial of the Post Office, the Denial of the Cinema, the Denial of the Library, the Denial of the Nudist Club, the Denial of the Theatre, the alleged ‘Gas Chamber’ was a total hoax, the Denial of the huge Auschwitz Kitchen, the Denial that the word Holocaust means the ‘Sex Penis going up into an Erection to do the job it was meant to do’, etc.

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