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The Holy Holocaust and the Holy Quenelle: Was a super Sex Penis worshiped inside the Jewish Temple at Jerusalem?

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The Holy Holocaust and the Holy Quenelle: Was a super Sex Penis worshiped inside the Jewish Temple at Jerusalem today occupied by Israel?

The famous Jewish historian Josephus said this about the Jews and their holy Temple at Jerusalem referring it as totally corrupt and wicked.

The Jewish priesthood was very corrupt in the Apostolic age. This is very evident both by the Scriptures, and the testimony of Josephus. He charges them with ”theft, treachery, adultery, sacrilege, rapine, and murder,” and he adds, that ”new ways of wickedness were invented by them; and that of all their abominations, the Temple was the receptacle.”

It is evident from reading the Bible that amongst this corruption was the Jehovah worship, the Mighty and Erect Penis in the Sky. And that inside the Temple a super erect sex penis was situated which everyone would worship and around which intense sexual orgies were performed just as with the sex orgies around the Golden Calf.

This became the Holocaust and Quenelle worship. Holocaust is an Aryan word and meaning the Penis going up into an Erection to do the job it was meant to do. And the Quenelle gesture was performed while all the wild orgies went on. It evidently was part of the Dancing gestures done in the Temple.

Today such Quenelle sexual orgies with its Rituals go on inside all Europe political parties. So the France Francois Hollande and the European Council supreme, the Norwegian Thorbjorn Jagland aren’t the only actors in these dramas of sexual orgies. Ditlieb Felderer remembers when a child that at Salens Hogfjallshotell in Sweden sex orgies went on in full swing. And some, such as Sweden’s Justice Minister, Herman Zetterberg, would do it openly to the applause of the spectators.

Yes, indeed, everything points to the fact wild sexual orgies went on inside the Jewish Holy Temple at Jerusalem. It is all in there in the Holy Bible!
Ditlieb History nds3
Observe the sexual symbolism here performed by the Jewish clergy: The sex Menorah with the KNOBS, taking after the ass knobs. In reality real dried ass penises were used. Observe the Quenelle outstretched arm of the main priest. The Breastplate or Breastpockets the priest is wearing contained the Penises King David cut off the Canaanites and Foreskins of enemy Gentiles. Observe the SMOKE going up, symbolizing the expulsion of the Semen from the Penis. Also, observe the sex Miter of one of the priests.

The plate is drenched with sexual symbolism of the Holocaust sex worship, and the sexual Quenelle gesture, such as the Trumpets on the ground signifying the erected Quenelle which the priest lifts up to trumpet and thereby spits out his holy Semen over the worshipers.

Observe how the two super verile Political explorers, Council of Europe and Obama Nobel Peace Prize giver Norwegian Thorbjorn Jagland, and sexual deceiver and Harem keeper, France Francois Hollande, as they join in the Kosher Council of Europe Quenelle, always of course with a smile going with it. Their hands are meeting in perfect Kosher approved Council of Europe Quenelle ritualism.

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