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The perfect Cultural Crime: On the trail of the Serpent

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Language: English, MP3, Time: 23:11 Minutes
Peter_Launsky-Tieffenthal Peter Launsky originator of United Nations Press Release Note No. 6403


The Pension Fraud Crime (PFC) mobsters reveal themselves without knowing they are being recorded
The Israel Cosa Nostra at work

FOREPLAY: Israel Mobsters had assassinated the Swede Folke Bernadotte in Palestine. As nothing happened they found new targets. One by mistake came to be the MOSSAD assassination of Morocco Ahmed Bouchikhi in Lillehammer, Norway, on a Sabbath, 21 July 1973. Norway found the assassins but let them all free, only encouraging their Terrorist acts. By 1979, when this secretly recorded telephone conversation was made, MOSSAD and Israel were reigning supreme. Nothing could stop them any longer. Whole of Europe laid open for any Terrorist Acts they planned to do, and did do.

Below you find a secret telephone conversation in Swedish between a Caller and Ditlieb Felderer. The Caller is threatening Felderer with death unless he complies to their orders. The Caller intentionally called to find out the ‘atmosphere’ as a Terrorist act had just been committed against Ditlieb Felderer and his Philippine wife. After investigation the following Terrorist actors were discovered. Their part in these acts of Terrorism has never been denied by them. Some of the Actors were: Rabbi Morton Narrowe, Frank Hirschfeldt, Johan Hirschfeldt, Sweden Foreign Office, Hillel School, Skoloverstyrelsen.

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