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Should the Bible be put up as a dangerous book for Children and should Churches be closed to kids?

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The above picture shows a Sunday School to which Western missionaries came to preach their hard-core ‘Good News’.

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Should the Holy Bible be prohibited for children to read?

Should Churches be closed to children and only adults be allowed?

These are questions that ordinary people on the street today ask, after finding out portions of the Bible which Theologians have restricted to the people, mostly by simply ignoring them.


1. In your opinion should the Bible be a forbidden book to children in view of its violence, Terrorist acts, and hard-core Pornography?

2. Should Churches be forced to designate their holy places as restricted area for children?

What is your opinion?

SOURCE: Jonathan Kirsch, The Harlot By The Side Of The Road: Forbidden Tales Of The Bible; Alberto Manguel, A History Of Reading

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