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Europe at war against Africa: So what was the use of my Sunday School?

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Europe at war against Africa

So what was the use of my Sunday School?

I was forced into Sunday School to learn about all the good things of Christianity. Foremost was peace, love, and toleration. We sent our missionaries to Africa to teach them love, toleration, honesty and peace.

My curious mind soon brought me to reality attending Sunday School. Here I was forbidden to go to cinema because the Government said I was too young, and here I was reading a Bible like reading a book on Pornography with the Sunday School teachers refusing to answer my innocent questions. I begun to realize I had been forced into a den of vipers and hypocrites. One Scripture that struck me was telling how a man came with a spear, struck her through the vagina, killing both her and the child inside the stomach by order of Jehovah God, the Father of Jesus Christ. This ‘act of God’ by anti-Abortionist is officially declared by them as Kosher, whereas Abortion is non-Kosher and they try via Bible Scriptures to prove their point. The hypocrisy is glaringly clear.

We are now back to number one. Europe is at war against Africa. Even Sweden is involved. Germany has been there for some time and War Criminal Angela Merkel will ship more ‘peace soldiers’ to Africa. United Nations soldiers have been engaged with mass raping citizens.

Take a look at the picture above. What hypocrisy. Colored people are now asked to enlist in European armies to go to Africa for peace, love, toleration, and honesty. The circle has gone to the full. War is Peace as George Orwell said. And Europe will just bring that kind of peace to Africa.

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