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We continue Doctor Josef Mengle experiments to find out who is a War Criminal experimenting on War Criminal Angela Merkel

Language: German, MP3, Time: 5:49 Minutes


We continue our Mengele experiments on War Criminal Angela Merkel

Via help of wild dogs we find out who is a War Criminal

Modern data comes to rescue in finding out the War Criminals before they strike

You have now advanced. You have listened to the previous experiment of Doctor Josef Mengele in English when he, exiled in Peru, tells us about his medical experiment with the Chosen Race, the Jehovah God Chosen People, and how he was able to make them sing through the rectum.

We have now advanced to modern age whereby we through computers can find out who is a War Criminal and who will be a War Criminal before they act. With the help of wild dogs and other animals we find out ways to identify War Criminals and one of our starter has been the German War Criminal Angela Merkel. Keep in touch of the latest development in modern age Doctor Josef Mengele medical experiments.
Skype: ditliebnews

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