Skip to content have voted Angela Merkel as the worst politician for year 2013

Lanbuage: English, MP3, Time: 7:12 Minutes

War Criminal Angela Merkel voted as worst European politician for year 2013.

Germany now in a colonial race war against Africa. Since July 2013 German army with their War Criminals have operated in Africa along with training civilians to hate each other.

SOURCE: Bild, January 20, 2014:2. They call their acts in Biblical terms: ‘Mission’.

Doctor Josef Mengele and his medical experiments in Peru along with a music composition by Ditlieb Felderer which he plays with a harp, a mouth organ.
Language: English and German, MP3, Time: 32:48 Minutes

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  1. Your retoric is very good when your´re angry. It´s not only the polititions who are trach. It seemes like the sionism have succeded in making all people to trach.. in some circels they have loong been talking about the com New Word Order. To me it seems that we are alredy there.and the gowernment is situated in Israel. As you said NATO is warmopngering all over the word and Sweden, who isn´t even in the NATO also sending troops to Afganistan and Afrika. NATO is also
    sending wepons to the so called Al Quadia-groups which no are engages to destroy the whole of Syria. As the U.S.A is in the hands of AIPAC and ADL the NATO seems to be in the hands of the sionist. They are willing to help Israel to destroy all the countries in the middle -east and many african coutries to. And after the countries are destroid they will come in and steel all the wealth
    from them.

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