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The Holocaust Erotic Cult

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What is the Holocaust Erotic Cult?
Where did these Erotic Acts take place?
Who were the people taking part in these Erotic acts?

Since we started our work in the 1960’s we continue delving into the Erotic acts and beliefs of Cults around the world. We still focus much attention on the Sex acts and beliefs of Israel and their Sex religion of Jewry where their tribal God, Jehovah, the Mighty and Erect Penis in the Sky takes first place of all Fertility Cults worshiping their Olah Cult, the Olah Sex Cult, from the very start of its sexual enterprise as described in Genesis of the Bible and onward.

Please go back by clicking the TAGS and you have all the information you ever wanted and could handle on the issue of Sex and Phallicism where the Holocaust Cult takes the first place in Erotic behavior and Hermeneutics.

If you are a Church member, be instructive. Let you members know what this Sex belief is all about by visual demonstrations, rants, chants, Heil Mary, Heil Hitler, Heil Israel, Heil the Jews, get laid and stricken by God, rolling on the floor, and lastly, not the least, Heil Jehovah, the Mighty and Erect Penis in the Sky.

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