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Sweden and Germany tried to blame Islam for the Censorship in Europe

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Germany and Sweden tried to blame Islam for the Censorship in Europe

How did they do it?

It all started around 1942.


The Predators turn militant and violent (Joshua 1 and 2)

The Modus Operandi of the ‘Zioncorps’, a Zionist espionage, type Boy Scouts runners, criminally involved with spreading contraband for Bible bogus State Israel to spread its Racist ideology

Censorship laws were brought from USA to Europe via Zionist racist couriers, spy agents, the ZIONCORPS, Tribal Warriors and Messengers are sent in to spy out the land, taking the Conquest of Canaan as a scaffold point (Joshua 1; 2:1). The spy agents, the Zioncorps make contact with the country’s elite, such as Sweden’s Justice Minister, Herman Zetterberg, a weak character bogged down in drug abuse, who years later kills himself by using drugs.

The Zioncorps insurgents merge into important war strategic posts as the United Nations, UN, and become operative agents for their Supremacist Israel ideology. A good example is the ‘Peter Launsky insurgent UN operatives’, surreptitiously used to spread Israel racist Corpus under the guise of no-hate, peace, toleration and respect. And not the least, for the Auschwitz For War Doctrine.

Sweden, via recommendations from the Zioncorps, starts putting dissenters into mental institutions, doing so long before Stalin came on the idea.

Moving far ahead. Lars Vilks becomes part of the Zioncorps. Lars Vilks, a terrible immigrant artist of Sweden, is, induced to create a False Flag (remember the use of the Canaanite prostitute Rahab in the Bible. Joshua 2), by putting a supposed Muhammad head onto a dog, resulting in riots around the world.

Sweden Zionist papers Dagens Nyheter, Expressen Sydsvenska Dagbladet, all State payed runners for Zionist contraband, and, all three together on the same day of March 10, 2010, publish the dog-man cartoon.

The European media now make it out that Islam is not only bringing in Censorship, which Europe in fact already have, but that Islam IS CENSORSHIP. Lars Vilks now becomes the Savior of Europe, the brave Knight who rescued Europe from return of the Dark Ages.

This was deliberately done to hide the facts that it was Ahmed Rami and Ditlieb Felderer who brought Free Speech to Europe. Below you see a picture Sweden forbade in the name of ‘Free Speech’.

Radio Islam: One of the Zioncorps operatives was the insurgence of the Anne Frank Drug Cult.

SOURCE: ABC, January 8, 2014

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