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Here is the origin of Peter Launsky of UN and his Holocaust Extortion Cult

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Here is the Origin of Peter Launsky of UN and his Holocaust Extortion Cult

The Father and Dean of the HEC Cult, the Holocaust Extortion Cult was a Hungarian Jew Stefan Szende who had collaborated with the Nazis

Stefan Szende who was attacked for his collaborations with the Nazis now moves to Sweden, and together with Willy Brandt and Fritz Bauer they start to concoct up their own Cult, one being that Jews escaped, became Holocaust Survivors (the term Holocaust was not used at this time for this Cult) due to that Jews put onto their Circumcised Penises new and fresh Foreskins. In this way Hitler could not find out they were Jews.

With the help of the Zionist Jewish outfit Bonnier, a book purporting to be written by Stefan Szende is published and in a remarkable speed of publishing for the times comes out in at least four languages. Absolutely unheard of at that time.

Stefan Szende himself told us he worked with Bonniers but was tricked by them. He never got one cent for the work.

The Holocaust Extortion Cult which emerged out of Stefan Szende, who was the first to realize the technical problems of ”mass exterminating” people, now becomes the scaffold onto which Peter Launsky and his United Nations staff seek to brainwash youth with. The whole philosophy is based on the Olah Sex cult, Phallicism, and the Fertility Cults of the area in those time. The word ‘Holocaust’, in fact is a Greek word, not Hebrew, and means: the Penis moving up into an erection to do the job it was meant to do.

How much credence can we put onto the principal Corpus of the Cult? That it is possible to put such new Foreskins onto Circumcised Penises? We yet have to see such a Penis. United Nations with Peter Launsky should provide such proof before we accept the Doctrine.

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